How Much Does It Matter Why Mario’s Butt Is so Controversial?

Unsurprisingly, the absence of Mario’s butt in the first trailer for the animated Super Mario Bros. Movie has caused some debate. Nintendo’s mascot plumber is about to star in a movie for the second time, but unlike the first attempt, he will not be voiced.

The use of 3D animation in the film gives Illumination the chance to accurately depict Mario’s distinctive body, which he has maintained for over 40 years.

Nonetheless, a major uproar was sparked by the original Super Mario Bros. Movie poster due to its blatant exposure to Mario’s rear end.

The latest debate surrounding The Super Mario Bros. Movie involves the absence of Mario’s behind.

The pressure is on for the animated film to do justice to the beloved video game character and cultural icon Mario and to redeem the failed live-action adaptation.

So, while everyone waits with bated breath for the reveal of Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario, the unanticipated controversy was sparked by a brief glance at the plumber’s butt.

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While some of the criticism is meant in jest, the fact that The Super Mario Bros.

The movie continues to inspire such skepticism from the internet’s general populace is yet another reason why the film has become a target for memes and jokes. The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s prolonged dialogue over Mario’s absent butt is illustrative.

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How Much Does Mario’s Butt Actually Matter?

mario butt controversy

In all likelihood, Mario’s butt will have no real effect on The Super Mario Bros.

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Movie, but it does show how harshly some will judge the character’s appearance in the film.

It’s usually a hot topic of debate whether or not a movie or TV character portrayals are true to their video game counterparts.

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was a painful lesson for Paramount in this regard. Sonic the Hedgehog’s redesign was not due to his teeth being too humanlike or to Mario’s butt being too little. Since Mario’s peach probably won’t play as big a role in the film as it does in the poster, the Super Mario Bros. debate may fade away once the full Mario design is revealed.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Illumination might make jokes about Mario’s butt as well. Maybe the movie’s version of Mario has lost a little bit of weight, and Chris Pratt’s character makes a joke about it.

However, that could spark even more heated debate. If complaints over Mario’s lack of an a$$ in The Super Mario Bros. Movie continue, a simple solution would be to add a bigger butt to his overalls.

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Will Super Mario’s Controversies Hurt the Movie’s Chances for Success?

mario butt controversy

The odds are still in favour of The Super Mario Bros.

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Movie being a hit and launching a Nintendo Cinematic Universe, despite the Mario butt scandal.
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Not only is Mario the most famous and beloved video game character of all time, but he is also Nintendo’s most iconic character.

Even if Mario’s size is smaller than some might want, the fact that he is the lead in an animated film is still big news and will attract butts in seats around the world.

After all, Illumination, the studio behind the hugely successful Despicable Me and Minions series, is behind the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film.

Perhaps the “controversies” will help the film’s box office.

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No matter what controversy surrounds the 2023 release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie Mario’s butt, Chris Pratt’s casting, etc. it’s safe to assume that a large number of people will go see it.