The Secret Behind Martha Stewart’s Youthful Skin- Did She Get Plastic Surgery Done?

Often celebrities are rumored to have plastic surgery done, as they want to look their best when in front of the camera, which is quite often, given their public lifestyle.

Martha Stewart is a new addition to this list. Let’s find out what procedures has this famous business tycoon undergone!

Who is Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart, née Martha Helen Kostyra, was born on August 3, 1941, in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is an American entrepreneur and domestic lifestyle innovator. Martha built a catering business into an international media and home-furnishing corporation, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

martha stewart plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Stewart is certainly no stranger to gossip, people can’t help but wonder how the lifestyle guru has remained looking so good throughout all these years. Recently, a photo that the 78-year-old posted to Instagram, she’s looking more flawless than she usually does. The whispers are suggesting that she might have had some plastic surgery done. 

martha stewart plastic surgery

Comment of Plastic Surgeons on Her Youthful Glow

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, a self-proclaimed holistic plastic surgeon, Martha Stewart might have had a bit more work done than she is letting on. In reference to her Instagram post in question, Youn said, “It appears Martha has had a facelift to tighten her neck, her lips appear to have been plumped and her face is smooth and wrinkle-free — a possible result of Botox and fillers.” 

martha stewart plastic surgery

But, according to Martha-“I have never had plastic surgery, you can absolutely say that. No knife on my face, neck or back.
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She told People magazine in November 2020 that she’s never had a face-lift, and that her youthful glow is simply due to “two very excellent dermatologists.” She added that maybe two times a year, she will opt for “a little Juvéderm injections here or there.”

Juvéderm injections — also known as filler  are used to “used to restore facial contours and improve signs of aging.” They use a base of hyaluronic acid that focus on the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

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Martha keeps it all natural when it comes to food for taking care of skin. Some of the most important things she consumes for looking good include green juice, which she claims to drink every single morning.
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She her own garden-grown vegetables, and eats mostly fish for protein. She has replaced all of her flour with nontraditional ones, saying that white flours aren’t healthy.