Mathematics Laboratory: technology improves performance in the discipline

Technologies have a positive contribution to school performance, especially in Mathematics. This is the result of the first edition of the Laboratory of Mathematics, an initiative of Samsung Portugal, in partnership with the Portuguese Association of Large Families (APFN), the Portuguese Society of Mathematics (SPM) and MathemaTIC.

Aiming at submitting students to an educational method that emphasizes the use of technology as an essential tool for their academic success, the Mathematics Laboratory counted on the contribution of Samsung Portugal, in the provision and availability of tablets to support the execution of the project, of the Portuguese Association of Large Families, in the identification and communication with students, of the Portuguese Society of Mathematics, in the development and evaluation of the proposed exercises, and of MathemaTIC, in providing access to the platform that allowed students to integrate a virtual class and carry out the proposed challenges.

Mathematics Laboratory: a case of success

  • “It is with great enthusiasm that we look at the results of this Mathematics Laboratory, which highlights the importance of the role of technology in learning. From Samsung’s side, it motivates us to deliver ‘Technology with Purpose’, contributing to the support and reinforcement of digital skills in the Education sector and to respond to the education needs in the country”, he says Cláudia Rodrigues, Head of Marketing & Communications at Samsung Portugal. “The conclusions drawn from this experience are further proof that technology is, by itself, a tool that contributes to taking our consumers further, whether they are students, parents or teachers. The technology, applied to the educational environment, can enhance the educational system and be at the service of all for results that benefit the entire community.”

    Also do The side of the Portuguese Association of Large Families looks with great satisfaction at the results obtained. According to the Secretary General of the Association, Ana Cid, “the use of digital tools in learning is, in fact, increasingly relevant as a teaching method that, as we see, contributes to guide students to school success. From the initial enthusiasm and receptivity on the part of families regarding participation in the Mathematics Laboratory to the results obtained, we realize that this initiative is another step taken towards consolidating a more technological education system, at home and in the classrooms” .

    According to João Araújo, President of the Portuguese Society of Mathematics, “Teaching assisted by technology and tools digital will certainly have a huge impact in the near future by allowing the gamification of teaching, by automating diagnostic tests at the end of each module and guiding personalized interventions, by allowing the autonomous recovery of lost bases, by immersing learning in a context usually associated with fun, etc.”. In addition, João Araújo states that “one of the objectives of the SPM is to promote pedagogical interventions that allow learning more, better and more easily and that is why we are very interested in participating in this project“.

    Finally, Hélder Sousa, head of MathemaTIC, highlights the good results obtained after this eight-week experience, through access to this platform and use of the tablets Samsung: “Once again we were able to show the importance that technology has in learning and strengthening knowledge of Mathematics , either for students who have more difficulty in this subject, or for those who still want to go further and improve their grades. Technology has contributed to transforming teaching in Portugal and, after the first edition of the Mathematics Laboratory, we have proof that this transformation is clearly positive and that, through a teaching method with strong technological support, teachers, students , families and educational communities, in general, have everything to gain.”

    35 students + 8 weeks + technology = better results in Mathematics

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