Matt Goss Girlfriend- Is There Anyone Matt Goss Has Dated Before?

Matthew Weston Goss is a British singer-songwriter and musician who was born on September 29, 1968. In the 1980s, he fronted the pop band Bros, in which his twin brother Luke played drums. Goss has released five full-length albums under his own name.

So You Think You Can Dance’s theme song was written by Goss and produced by Nigel Lithgow.

Who Is Matt Goss’s Girlfriend Chantal Brown?

English singer-songwriter and musician Matthew Weston Goss, better known by his stage name, Matt Goss.

He fronted the pop band Bros. in the ’80s.

Matt is a participant in the Strictly Come Dancing reality show. The premiere of Season 21 is set for September 10, 2022.

Goss has put out five studio albums under his own name. The music for So You Think You Can Dance was composed by Goss and orchestrated by Nigel Lithgow. Lewisham Hospital in London, England is where his mother conceived him on September 29th, 1968.

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Who Is This Chantal Brown that Matt Goss Is Seeing? Life, Love, and Everything

matt goss girlfriend

The famous singer Matt Goss is currently dating the actress Chantal Brown.

Brown is an American jewellery designer who works in the industry on both sides of the Atlantic. Chantal has a unique talent for making the most beautiful jewellery imaginable, from chunky stone necklaces to delicate finger rings.

Because of her romantic involvement with the famous singer Matt, she became a public figure.

This has led to widespread interest in the private life of the celebrity’s partner.

Since Chantal is not a particularly famous person, she has not been profiled in the press very often, and the general public does not know very much about her.

Given her line of work, jewellery designer Chantal has no obligation to increase her public appearances or social engagement.

Paul, who starred on a daytime soap opera, was her husband for seven years.

Chantal Brown, the Girlfriend of Matt Goss’s Age Difference

As of the year 2022, the age gap between Matt Goss and his girlfriend Chantal Brown is likely to be no more than five years.

Goss will be 53 years old in 2022. The musician’s birth date of September 29, 1968, in London is significant. However, the celebrity spouse Chantal has not shared her actual birthday publicly.

Matt Goss has dated a number of beautiful women, including Rebecca Ferguson, Martine McCutcheon, and Melanie Sykes.

The jeweller Chantal Brown was described as “funny and not in the least bit obsessed with social media” by Matt, a 53-year-old musician who claimed to have fallen in love with her.

With a seven-year marriage under her belt to soap actor Paul, Chantal knows her way around a public partnership.

Is There Anyone Matt Goss Has Dated Before?

When it comes to Matt Goss’s romantic history, not all of the details have been revealed. It’s not hard to figure out who Matt is seeing at any given time, but keeping up with all of his one-night stands, flings, and breakups is a different story. Even in the year 2022, we are constantly impressed by the secrecy maintained by our favourite celebrities.

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Daisy Fuentes and Matt Goss are engaged (2003 – 2010). To date, Matt Goss has dated Chloe Green (2016–2017), Rebecca Ferguson (2016), Martine McCutcheon (1998), Sophie Anderton (1998), Melanie Sykes (1992–1997), Denise Pearson (1988), Jenny Powell (1987–1988), and Kadamba Simmons.

matt goss girlfriend

Around 40% of men say “I love you” to their partner within the first month, while the average for men is 90 days and the average for women is 134 days, according to surveys. He is childless. It has been said that Matt Goss and Abigail Titmuss hooked up (2004).

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