Matt Lucas Weight Loss: Host of “The Great British Baking Show,” Discloses the Reason of Dramatic Weight Loss!

Matt Lucas of The Great British Baking Show is talking openly about his drastic weight loss.

The 48-year-old comedian discussed his resolve to alter his lifestyle and reduce weight during the COVID-19 pandemic in an interview with Gabby Logan for the Mid Point podcast.

He added that his grandfather passed away at the age of 56, not much older than his father, who “died when he was 52, very abruptly.” Being aware of how much those ages were approaching his own, Lucas added, “I was looking at the law of averages here.

The author and star of Little Britain said, “Due to the pandemic, I was already rather large and continued to grow. Being sort of inactive, not really going out, not interacting with others, and just eating a lot. I could no longer fit on the screen because I was so large.”


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Additionally, Matt Lucas argued that his weight loss wasn’t as remarkable as it appeared to be. I’m by no means slim, he admitted on the podcast. “I recently reduced my weight. I dropped from an XXXL or maybe an XXXXL to a medium.”

He said, “It’s just the food really,” adding that he “Hardly ever” drinks and doesn’t like to use drugs or smoke.

However, Lucas is not denying himself non-guilty pleasures by choosing to reduce back. He explained, “I just don’t eat as much, but I still eat sweets.”

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The most recent season of the Great British Baking Show, which debuted in the UK on Wednesday under the name The Great British Bake Off, should actually get Matt Lucas in the mood for dessert before it debuts on Netflix on Friday.

Twelve of the best home bakers from all over Britain have once more journeyed to the famous white tent on a sizable country estate to have the works of art of industry titans Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood assessed.

matt lucas weight loss

In the season’s teaser, co-host Noel Fielding remarked, “Over the next 10 weeks they’ll face 30 brand new tasks, designed to put every bit of their baking ability to the test.”

Like in previous seasons, each episode will consist of three challenges spread over a weekend: a trademark bake, a technical (blind) bake, and a showstopper bake. Each competition will be based on a unique theme.

According to the teaser, the first course will be “Astounding cakes,” followed by “a batch of exquisite trademark sandwiches, a classic American cake that will catch some by surprise, and a show-stopping home bake that will expose any unstable foundations,” according to Matt Lucas.

The crop of bakers this year is as varied as ever, including an IT manager, an architectural assistant, and a nuclear physicist in addition to a music teacher, a nanny, and a former charity director.

“I’ve always wanted to apply but have never had the guts to. One baker said, “This year I thought I’d give it a go and I’m here, but I’m really worried.”

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“I work at the grocery store’s checkout counter. The biggest thing I’ve ever accomplished is this. Another person chimed in, “Things like this don’t happen to me, while her rival made light of the situation, “My partner said ‘Fake it till you make it,’ and that’s what I’m doing.”

matt lucas weight loss

One of the competitors does more than just bake. She pointed to a well-known Game of Thrones character and added, “I’m curious to see if Paul’s eyes are as blue as people’s say in real life. “like some sort of White Walker. Look inside your soul!”

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