Matthew Turner Responds to Comments Regarding His “Passive” Gameplay on ‘Big Brother 24’!

Once again, Big Brother is letting people into his home. Mike Bloom will be doing weekly exit interviews with the housemates when they are eliminated from the competition.

The chaos of life inspires Matthew Turner. This has nothing to do with the tidiness of his home or the quality of his own hygiene.

Three different periods of dominance for the thrift store owner coincided with major events throughout the season, but Turner is now in control.

Turner stuck behind a small group of “bros,” most notably Monte Taylor, even as the rest of his group dispersed. And in the end, it was Turner’s closest pal who put an end to the game for him, leaving him as the season’s final juror.

Matthew Turner Responds to Comments Regarding His "Passive" Gameplay on 'Big Brother 24'!

Matthew Turner, fresh off the van life, came into the home eager to relax, hang out with the bros, and take things as they came. But things quickly went downhill once Turner’s closest ally Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli was unexpectedly betrayed.

However, Turner showed he had what it took to succeed by becoming Head of Household that very evening.

During his first of three turns as Head of Household, he joined the guys’ “Pound” alliance, which later morphed into the “Leftovers” with the other outsiders.

With renewed vigor, Turner publicly protested the unfair treatment of Taylor Hale while simultaneously installing a backdoor for influential player Ameerah Jones.

Matthew Turner Responds to Comments Regarding His "Passive" Gameplay on 'Big Brother 24'!

He finished the week stronger than he had started it, ready to devour any adversaries or muffins that stood in his way.

If Turner’s first HoH reign is any indication, he used his power for the benefit of others and made some of the season’s most significant actions.

His second go-around found him ready to ditch the Leftovers in favor of a partnership with the on-screen couple Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider.

There was pressure on Kyle to backdoor his closest ally when his earlier racially charged comments were made public. The two bros had one more bro-down before he moved on from Monte.

Turner was spared elimination on finale night because of Monte and his alliance partner’s fast double eviction of Michael Bruner.

Turner assumed he would be “bussin'” to the last two chairs when Monte won the final HoH. Turner, however, fell for Monte’s guileless trap this time, and Monte cut him since he thought Turner wasn’t a worthy opponent.

Taylor discusses why he was the lone jury vote for Monte, why he chose to eliminate Alyssa over Taylor, and how he reacts to the criticism that his approach wasn’t working in the hours following the finals.