Mayim Bialik Says Her Mom Gives Her Fashion Advice After Each Episode of ‘Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik’s mother has very strong opinions about her daughter’s style.

The Blossom alum admitted on Thursday on The Late Late Show with James Corden that her mother frequently gives her advice about what to dress when hosting the nightly game show.
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Bialik, 46, quipped that her mother didn’t understand the premise of the game when she first explained it to her. Bialik and Ken Jennings share hosting responsibilities for the long-running tournament.

And yet, Mayim Bialik claims, she enjoys nothing more than airing her views.

“In case I forgot what I was wearing in that particular episode, she will email me screenshots of said show, and I will get a small report like, ‘I really like this jacket, not so crazy about this top,'” Bialik added.

Mayim Bialik Says Her Mom Gives Her Fashion Advice After Each Episode of 'Jeopardy!

She went on, “My girlfriend has a knack for taking screenshots of me in the midst of some bizarre facial expression.
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A better screenshot is easy enough to take in the half-hour she has.”

A lot of famous people, including Bialik, have to deal with fashion criticism from loved ones.

It’s Lola, Kelly Ripa’s daughter, who’s 21 years old.

The talk show presenter said this week in PEOPLE’s cover story on parenthood that Lola isn’t afraid to provide style tips.

“Leave it at home. What a fool you are “To illustrate Lola’s forthrightness, Ripa said. “For some reason, she insists that I pull my skirts in and shorten my blouses, but the opposite happens every time.

Ripa is likewise not shy about giving her two cents.

Mayim Bialik Says Her Mom Gives Her Fashion Advice After Each Episode of 'Jeopardy!

Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, as well as their kids Michael, 25, and Joaquin, 19, sat down with PEOPLE for their 2019 Most Beautiful Issue to dish beauty and fashion tips.

What is the one piece of advice I have consistently given you? When Ripa saw Lola, he asked her a question. While Lola was trying to find the solution, Ripa chimed in: “Keep your hands off your eyebrows at all costs! Even though I’ve always warned you not to mess with your brows, you never have.”

Although Lola may have some suggestions for her mom’s fashion sense, Ripa appears to be fully supportive of all of her daughter’s individual preferences.

Ripa and Lola Consuelos talked about clothing swapping and self-esteem in the first-ever PEOPLE Family Issue in 2020.

“Your clothing would be off in an instant if I could. You have the most refined taste and you carry yourself with poise and elegance in any situation, “Ripa told her youngster.