Mel Gibson Is Attacked After a Controversy Erupted Over a Controversial Gesture Directed at Trump

Mel Gibson’s name is now trending on Twitter. Was anybody hoping for anything good to come out of it? After tapes of Gibson yelling racial slurs leaked online, that’s what most people think of when they hear his name.

He made a motion towards a past president this time. Mel Gibson paid tribute to former President Donald Trump at the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship 264 event.

Because Trump and Gibson are both contentious figures, there was a lot of backlash on Twitter, which is still growing.
mel gibson controversyBelow are videos of Mel Gibson honoring former President Barack Obama, as well as some Twitter reactions to the occasion.

While the simple version is that Mel Gibson applauded Donald Trump as he walked by at a UFC event in Las Vegas, it prompted a lot of discussion on Twitter. Some individuals admired Gibson for his generosity.

mel gibson controversy

Some folks were perplexed as to how he was still working as an actor. Others assumed Mel Gibson’s career had ended a long time ago and that he was no longer in films.

Despite the outcries about canceled culture pulling superstars from the limelight, Mel Gibson remains strangely visible in the public eye.

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He was famously caught on camera in Malibu after a DUI going on an anti-Semitic diatribe.

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Then, leaked audio surfaced, revealing that this wasn’t a one-time occurrence. Furthermore, in 2010, he yelled racial insults at his girlfriend, who also happens to be the mother of one of his nine children.

mel gibson controversy

The N-word was used in these statements. She then went public with her allegations that Mel Gibson had physically abused her. Even before all of this, the actor had been accused of uttering homophobic statements.

Despite all of these high-profile scandals, many Twitter users were astonished to see Mel Gibson praising Donald Trump, a former US president with a lengthy history of public prejudice. While some may be aware of Mel Gibson’s racist comments, others seem to be clueless.

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Is Mel Gibson’s prolonged success due to some element of popular ignorance? Is it possible that there are other reasons why Gibson has been overlooked by cancel culture? Cancel culture as we know it now is a relatively young phenomenon.

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Did the public just get used to the concept that Gibson is racist as a result of the actor’s tapes being made public in 2006 and 2010?

While the actor is still active in Hollywood, he does not appear in as many films as he did during his Braveheart days.

mel gibson controversy

Some of this, though, maybe attributed to Mel Gibson’s advanced age.

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When affluent actors approach the age of 65, their acting careers tend to slow down.

Nonetheless, we’ve recently seen Mel Gibson in the 2021 film Boss Level. In an R-rated picture, he portrayed Santa Claus. He also has a slew of future projects, including Stu, starring Mark Wahlberg.