After Her Divorce from Bill, Melinda Gates Has Been Dating Jon Du Pre.

Many people are curious about her new boyfriend because her high-profile divorce from him was finalized in 2021.

Melinda has avoided the limelight in recent years, but she is making headlines for her new romance.  Reports surfaced in November 2022 that she was seeing Jon Du Pre.

Jon has been working in the fields of broadcasting, writing, and video production for over 35 years, and he is now a Strategic Communications Specialist.

According to his LinkedIn profile, in 2011 he started his own media company called Du Pre Media, LLC.
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Jon has prior experience in the media, having worked as a correspondent for Fox News.

How Did Melinda Gates and Jon Du Pre Meet?

melinda gates dating

Melinda Gates, Bill’s legitimate spouse, has claimed that she is proud to wear her clean record in the relationship as a badge of honor. Typically, the woman in such situations is seen as the guilty party, but this is not the case with Melinda.

Melinda Gates and her new beau, who she met at an NBA game in April 2022, are clearly quite happy together. Reportedly active in the media for almost three decades, Jon has worked as a journalist, video producer, and presenter.

Melinda is a computer scientist that hails from Dallas, Texas. She was awarded both the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Legion of Honor by the United States and France, respectively.

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Why Did Bill and Melinda Get Divorce?

melinda gates dating

There wasn’t one defining moment or event. I finally reached a tipping point where I knew it was unhealthy to continue. In an interview with CBS’s Gayle King, Melinda said, “I couldn’t trust what we had.” The quote was reported by The Guardian.
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I have committed every ounce of who I am to this union. From the day we got engaged until the day I left, I was dedicated to this marriage. “But I also think that society used to place things on women as though they were our fault,” she continued.

I have no need to be ashamed, so I will not.

According to The New York Times, two people close to the breakup said Melinda was unhappy with how her ex-husband dealt with a sexual harassment charge made by his longtime money manager.

In May of 2022, Bill admitted, via The Guardian, that he had “definitely made mistakes” and that he was “taking responsibility” for them.

“The divorce is undoubtedly a sad thing,” he continued.

I’m to blame for a lot of suffering in my family. That was a rough year. It makes me happy to see that we’ve finally made some progress.

When challenged about the affair, he did not confirm nor deny its existence, instead replying, “I don’t believe diving into the particulars at this point is beneficial, but yeah, I caused suffering and I feel terrible about that.”

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Who Is Jon Du Pre, Allegedly Melinda Gates’ New Boyfriend?

melinda gates dating

In April, the two were seen together during a game between the Nets and the Celtics, though it is unknown if a mutual acquaintance introduced them. Though they have chosen to keep their relationship quiet, it appears that the new pair is doing well.

Family members of both the 58-year-old philanthropist and the 63-year-old author were also there during their stay at the 5-star Pelican Hill hotel in Newport Beach, California.

Du Pre has three children from a previous marriage. They have three children together: sons Kasey and Jonny and daughter Jessue.

It would appear that Melinda has not given up on love, although Bill was recently asked if he had any regrets about marrying her. If the millionaire could do it all over again, he “wouldn’t choose” to marry anybody other than Melinda.

As the last child leaves home, “every marriage will go through a transformation. In continuation, he said, “From my perspective, it was a fantastic marriage, but unfortunately mine went through this transition called divorce. No, I wouldn’t alter a thing. He eventually admitted, “You know, I wouldn’t choose to marry someone else.”

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Melinda French Gates, a former Microsoft executive, and computer scientist is a prominent philanthropist in the United States. Forbes frequently names French Gates among the most influential women in the world. Melinda Gates, the ex-wife of Bill Gates, is reportedly dating Jon Du Pre, a former TV reporter. Based on what we’ve heard from our sources at TMZ, Melinda has been seeing a certain ex-TV reporter for at least a few months.