Melissa Gilbert Illness: Why She Has ‘Quit’ Struggling to Retain Her Youth?

Melissa Gilbert declared that she has “Quit” trying to stay young.

The 57-year-old, who first gained notoriety as a child actor on Little House On The Prairie, previously turned to procedures including plastic surgery, Botox, and fillers.

She admitted to People that she relaxed into aging gracefully after realizing as she approached middle age, “I look like a carrot top, and I’m not happy.”

Melissa Gilbert, who is photographed in January 2020 attending the opening night of Medea at BAM, stated she had “Finished” trying to stay young.

Melissa, whose adoptive parents were also actors, started out in the entertainment industry as a young child and received her big break when she was nine years old.

melissa gilbert illness

She then started playing the lead on the television program Little House on the Prairie, which ran from 1974 to 1982.

She kept acting beyond her teen years when the program ended, but she was never able to get a role that was as successful as Little House On The Prairie.

She reminisced, “I was trapped in that circle of striving to stay young. I grew up in an industry that valued the surface far more than the inner.”

Back in the day: Melissa became well-known as a child star on the 1974–1982 television series Little House On The Prairie. Seen here in 1978.

Following cosmetic operations, fillers, and Botox, she gradually reevaluated her situation in the middle of the 2010s.

She had her breast implants removed two years after the wedding, and in 2016 she went one step further and vowed never to use Botox again.

I finally opened my eyes and asked, “What am I doing? I feel like I have a carrot top on, and I’m not happy,” she recently admitted to her midlife transition to People.

My belief was that you must maintain your weight. You have to be seen in the appropriate locations, dress appropriately, and drive the appropriate vehicle,’ she said. “All the outside pressures pounded that into me so hard.” But it was never comfortable.


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She shaved off all of her hair, stopped getting Botox, and had a “Reawakened love of the outdoors.”

Melissa revealed her motivations for getting rid of her breast implants in a frank blog post she published in 2015 before having them removed.

The way she was: Melissa Gilbert stopped getting Botox and had her breast implants removed in 2015. She was spotted in 2014 visiting Watch What Happens Live.

She lived her early years as an Itty Bitty T**** Committee member with “Excellent A cups” and “No desire to achieve a Jessica Rabbitesque body.”

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She stated that she was forced to wear a padded bra during the latter seasons of Little House on the Prairie, but there was still outside pressure.

As time passed, her viewpoint changed, and she learned that she should have the implants “Replaced every 10-15 years.”

melissa gilbert illness

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Her first husband Bo Brinkman allegedly referred to her breasts as “Socks full of marbles with knots at the top” after she gave birth to and stopped nursing her first son Dakota in 1989. She claimed this in the blog post.

Melissa wed her third husband, actor Timothy Busfield, who is in his 30s, in 2013, and they relocated to the small Michigan town of Howell. The couple is photographed in 2020.

Despite the dissolution of her marriage, her worries persisted, and after years of wearing padded bras nonstop, she ultimately decided on surgery.

melissa gilbert illness

She eventually made the decision to get them all removed after realizing that she could need fresh implants at the age of 80.


The 57-year-old, who achieved fame on Little House On The Prairie, had plastic surgery, Botox, and fillers. Melissa Gilbert said she “Finished” trying to keep young in January 2020. She said Little House on the Prairie compelled her to wear a padded bra, but there was still outside pressure.

As time went on, she learned to replace the implants every 10-15 years. ‘It was feasible that at 80 years old, I could have to get fresh implants!’ she realized, and eventually opted to have them removed entirely.