Men Who Are Offended by Florence Pugh’s See-Through Dress Have Been Told to “Grow Up”!

Men Who Are Offended by Florence Pugh's See-Through Dress Have Been Told to "Grow Up"!

By writing, “I am not afraid of my breast size,” she responded to those who criticized her sheer gown.

In response to the outrage over her see-through outfit, a simple question: “Why are you so afraid of breasts?”

The “Black Widow” actress addressed the criticism of her tulle Valentino gown, which was completely transparent, during the brand’s haute couture show in Rome on Friday.

Although Pugh expected a backlash for her “two cute little nipples” look, she was shocked by the “just how filthy” feedback she received online.

“We all knew exactly what we were doing, whether it was positive or negative. I had no nerves about wearing it, and I couldn’t have been happier,” she stated in an Instagram post on Sunday accompanied by images from the event. “I wasn’t before, during, or even now after.”

“What’s been remarkable to see and witness is just how easy it is for guys to absolutely demolish a woman’s body, openly, proudly, for everyone to see,” she said, noting that many of her critics post their “job titles and work email addresses” on their profiles.

That some of you men can be so crude worries me since it isn’t the first or last time a woman will hear about the problems with her body from strangers.

“Technically, they’re covered,” Pugh said in the comment accompanying the gown’s Instagram debut on Saturday, which appears to have satisfied Instagram’s nudity rules.

As Pugh explained, some of the replies included her being told that she “should be humiliated by [her] being so [her] flat-chested.”

Pugh, on the other hand, hasn’t let the criticism get to him.

My body has been my home for a long time now. “I’m not afraid of my breast size since I’m completely aware of it,” she said. Why do you have such a fear of breasts, though? Small? Large? Left? Right? Surely not! There could be none, right? The thing that terrifies me the most is…

The Oscar contender attributed her self-acceptance to the fact that she was reared in a household where “really strong, powerful, curvaceous women” were the norm.

Pugh’s upbringing has influenced how she has fought back against Hollywood’s toxic beauty standards, including the expectation that her body should “morph into a notion of what’s hot or sexually appealing.”

‘I wore that dress because I know the answer is you who doesn’t know,’ she concluded the picture, adding the hashtag #fuckingfreethefuckingnipple.

Men Who Are Offended by Florence Pugh's See-Through Dress Have Been Told to "Grow Up"!

“Stop being a child. Show courtesy to others. Be respectful of other people’s bodies. Respect ladies of all sexes. Human dignity must be upheld at all times. If you believe in me, things will get a whole lot better for you.

When she first arrived in America, Pugh was surprised to find that American audiences were “very terrified of buttocks and nipples,” a sentiment she has expressed before.

“I don’t understand why.” This year, she spoke to Radio Times Magazine about the weird folks she encountered. “Nudity has never been a problem for me, as long as it’s done well,” says the actress, whose parents were extremely cool and made sure we viewed a lot of European films as kids.

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