Mercedes-Benz: Dolby Atmos reaches the brand's cars in 2022

Mercedes-Benz announced that from next year some of its vehicles will be able to enjoy Dolby Atmos sound, available as an option through the Burmester add-on for luxury models.

A German brand joins Lucid Air, so far the only brand to offer the 3D audio standard in its sedan equipped with a surround sound system with 21 columns.

Mercedes opted for a somewhat different approach, with this small luxury only available for its more expensive cars, such as the Maybach or the S-Class are examples.

Mercedes makes luxury models even more irresistible


The implementation of Dolby Atmos carried out by Mercedes presupposes the inclusion of 20 speakers throughout the car, divided between 6 3D speakers above the passengers, four “near-ear” speakers for the two front seats and a

subwoofer .5 liters. All of this will be powered by two amplifiers with a total of 2000 W of power.

The first model to receive the technology will be the Maybach, followed by the S-Class equipped with an MBUX information and entertainment system.

In the case of the S-Class the upgrade to Dolby Atmos won’t be cheap, around €20700. Those who buy a Maybach will not have to pay more than about €281, that the luxury car already costs.

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