How Did Mia Dio Transform Before and After? What’s the Secret?

An American social media sensation named Mia Dio became well-known for publishing storytime videos on her own YouTube channel. Currently, Mia’s YouTube channel has over 27K followers. She occasionally updates it with vlogs, challenges, challenges, and true crime stories.

With 1.4 million followers and more than 26 million likes on her videos, Dio has achieved great success on TikTok. Before TikTok, Mia wasn’t well known for creating humorous material, but the app has helped her express her comedic side. The self-described Russian sugar baby is a talented comic with stuff that is probably unique to her.

Mia Dio Before Surgery

mia dio before and after

With her parents Claudia and Luis, Dio grew up in a mixed-race home. She has a sister and four brothers. She played soccer with her siblings and friends a lot when she was younger. She once suffered a broken nose after being struck by a soccer ball. She was able to conceal the injury with makeup, but the bump it left behind bothered her. She ultimately made the decision to have a nose job to get rid of the bulge and enhance her appearance.

Mia was unprepared for her 1981 Sanremo Music Festival audition, and as a result, she lagged behind the competition’s favorites. She did, however, make a comeback in 1982, performing the Ivano Fossati song “E non finisce mica il cielo.” She succeeded in winning the critics’ prize this time, which would ultimately bear her name.

She released an album called Lacrime after her success at the festival, and it went gold in Italy and hit the German charts. The CD also featured a duet with Biagio Antonacci, a talented young vocalist and composer.

She again participated in the Sanremo Music Festival in 1992, with the song “Gli uomini non cambiano” this time. Although she did not place first in the contest, she did take home the Critics’ Prize, which was later named in her honor in 1996, the year after her passing.

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Mia Opens up About Her Origin Story

mia dio before and after

Although Mia Dio’s character makes fun of being a S.T.E.M. teacher (that is, Sugarbaby Training Education in Money), this content creator is a real academic prodigy. She ended up taking (and passing) so many AP courses that she just had to be 16 to graduate from high school.

She even spent some time working at a legal firm after deciding she wanted to pursue a career in law. How, therefore, did the would-be attorney end up making content instead?

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She Opted to Have Cosmetic Surgery to Fix Her Nose

mia dio before and after

Mia didn’t like the bump on her nose that was one of the aftereffects of her soccer-playing days. After her fractured nose healed, the lump appeared. Mia repeatedly begged her parents to allow her to have the bump removed, but they refused. When she could, she covered it up with makeup, but as her nose grew bigger, it was more difficult to do so. Her parents finally consented to have her have surgery. In a video from June 2018, she said:

“Even though I constantly advocate for loving yourself, this was something that always bothered me. Even while I adore who I am as a person, that one characteristic made me realize that I’m not nearly as attractive as I would like to be.

Mia was told by the doctor that her nose was OK and that she didn’t need any surgery. But upon closer examination, the physician discovered that she had a deviated septum that required correction. Mia’s nose surgery was successful, however, there were issues with the process.

Under anesthesia, Mia’s body temperature increased rather than decreased. One in 100,000 persons, including Dio, have malignant hyperthermia while under the influence of an anesthetic. Thanks to his rapid action, the anesthesiologist was able to quickly deliver a medication that neutralized the effects of the allergic condition.