The Transformation of Mia Thornton Before Surgery!

Fans are reeling over Mia Thornton’s before and after photographs after she proudly revealed all of her plastic surgery on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Viewers are delving into Mia’s past and obtaining some insight into how she looked before she became a Bravo celebrity, as she is still relatively new.

Mia’s cosmetic glow-up gained attention after she and Dr. Wendy Osefo got into a dispute about the women taking ownership of the work they had done. Mia appears to have usurped Wendy’s novice title and is calling out her supposed insecurity now that Wendy is in her second season.

Has Mia Thornton Undergone Surgery?

mia thornton before surgery

Mia Thornton is both a businesswoman and a reality television personality. Amilleon London is her skincare and cosmetics company.

Given Mia’s interest in cosmetics and beauty, many of her fans may question if she has had any cosmetic enhancements herself. According to Bravo TV, she has “everything done” and “owns it.”

“I get my Botox every four weeks, I get fillers, I have my lips done, [boobs done], I had a stomach tuck,” she stated on RHOP. “I got my a** done…”

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Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County Want to See Mia Before She Has Surgery.

mia thornton before surgery

Unlike many other reality TV stars, Mia has been honest about her procedures. Mia’s Facebook profile allows her fans to see what she looked like when she was younger.

Mia’s images date back more than 15 years, and she’s certainly a natural beauty. Mia is apparently going to have some of her plastic surgery “undone” in 2021, according to The Jasmine Brand.

“Recently, I’ve noticed that instead of always striving to add more, I’ve really started to take away,” she explained. As if I’m having stuff taken away. Because I’m no longer hiding in my body, I’m feeling more at ease.”

Mia goes on. “It’s as though I told my narrative, and everywhere I go, people say, ‘Thank you.'” And now I’m thinking, ‘All right, I can start unleashing her.’ I can get my lips removed, my cheekbones removed, and my bust size reduced. So I’m starting to undo things and focusing on what matters most, which is the inside.”

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Fans Examine Mia Thornton’s Plastic Surgery Photos

mia thornton before surgery

The ladies didn’t see Wendy finally admitting to having glute work done until Mia admitted to having plastic surgery. It didn’t take long for admirers to find previous images of Mia, who almost quit RHOP after she publicly professed her desire for cosmetic surgery. u/[deleted], a since-deleted Reddit user, published a slideshow of Mia’s photographs from 2010 through 2020.

Fans chimed in and remarked on Mia’s amazing looks, both with and without cosmetic modifications. Others alluded to Mia’s forgetfulness when it came to disclosing her true age on the show. “And she’s been 30 her entire life. Or 36, or 38. Even she is unaware, “one individual stated

One commenter questioned Mia’s age, claiming that she seemed older than her stated age. “I can’t believe she’s just 36,” a Reddit member commented. “She is gorgeous, and I admire her honesty, but I turned 37 this year, and she simply seems so much older,” they said.

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According to the Redditor, Mia’s older appearance may be due to “all the work she’s had done.” They went on. “Not trying to disparage her, but she reminds us of Kim Zolciak,” they remarked. The conflicting reactions to Mia’s appearance come after she revealed to doing work in her intimate areas, which astonished the other RHOP women.

With all of the buzz around Mia’s appearance, she appears to be the ideal addition to The Real Housewives of Potomac. Mia managed to foment a feud with Wendy and allegedly shade her friend Karen Huger despite her continuing feud with Gizelle Bryant in just two episodes of her debut season. Mia seemed to be the ideal match, with her rapid clap-backs and honesty.