Michael Jordan Illness: Has He Lost Eyesight? Is He Dealing with Liver Disease or Alcoholism?

The documentary about Michael Jordan premiered on Sunday. Fans, though, are once again curious about Michael Jordan’s golden eyes and what the deal is.
The Last Dance, the documentary on Michael Jordan, premiered on Sunday after tremendous anticipation. His 10-part documentary series began airing on Sunday, April 19, with the first two parts.
His whole NBA career, from the 1984 NBA Draft through his friendship with Steve Kerr, was covered in the documentary. The return of long-standing concerns about Jordan’s eyes and health, however, was a side effect of the release of the two episodes.
The question of “what happened to Michael Jordan’s eyes?” has resurfaced on the lips of NBA fans everywhere. in addition to “Did, he has jaundice or liver disease?” Michael Jordan does not suffer from jaundice or liver disease, contrary to popular belief.
Despite persistent rumours to the contrary, Michael Jordan continues to reportedly enjoy excellent health. Then why have rumours circulated that Michael Jordan has jaundice?

What Happened to Michael Jordan’s Eyes? Michael Jordan Yellow Eyes Rumours

michael jordan illness

Back in the late aughts and early teens, rumours ran rampant whenever anyone discussed Jordan’s well-being. Michael Jordan’s yellow eyes were the source of many of the rumours. Many devoted fans of Michael Jordan tried to guess what might have happened to his eyes, and most correctly speculated that he was suffering from some sort of medical emergency. Jaundice and liver illness rumours gained prominence as a result.

Yellow eyes are a sign of jaundice infection, which is caused by the breakdown of oxygen-carrying components in the blood into bilirubin, according to medical literature. Because of this yellow chemical, the eyes will seem yellow. As was already established, Jordan never officially addressed the rumours.

The Liver Disease of Michael Jordan

Fans also frequently wondered, given the NBA great’s yellow eyes, whether he was indeed ill. Bilirubin, the chemical responsible for jaundice and yellow eyes, is processed by the gallbladder and liver before being eliminated. However, if the liver isn’t working properly, the chemical will build up and cause yellowing of the eyes.


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Again, Michael Jordan never denied any of the speculations, and no evidence ever surfaced that he had liver disease.

 Is Michael Jordan an Alcoholic?

michael jordan illness

Some of Jordan’s supporters have hypothesised that his battles with alcoholism are the source of his infamous “yellow eyes.” Several accounts detail Jordan’s alleged history of drug and alcohol abuse. For years, people have argued about Michael Jordan and his extravagant lifestyle. Nobody, though, has ever mentioned anything about his eyes being yellow.
But it’s also plausible that Michael Jordan’s yellow eyes are just hereditary. However, fans will once again speculate about it for the next few weeks.

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