Who Is Michael Rainey Jr.’s Girlfriend? Unveiling the Mystery Behind His Love Life

Groom of Michael Rainey Jr.Michael Rainey Jr., a young and gifted American actor, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 22, 2000. Michael Rainey Sr. and Shauna Small had a son named Rainey Jr. His mother is where he first discovered his Jamaican background.

Rainey Jr. was raised in New York from the time he was a baby because his father is from there. Rainey Jr. is a supporter of the Indiana-based charity “Find and Feed,” which aids the homeless.

Since he was a small child, Michael has been a committed basketball player. When he was nine years old, he was on a mother-son promenade around New York City when he saw a talent scout. His employment in TV commercials was a result of this encounter.

Who Is Michael Rainey Jr’s Girlfriend?

michael rainey jr girlfriend

Michael Rainey Jr.’s girlfriend is named Haile Rose. based on the most recent research. Formerly Michael Rainey Jr.’s girlfriend, Haile Rose is a social media influencer. When Haile released a now-deleted video of the couple’s private moments together on Michael’s 22nd birthday on The Shade Room Teens, people first learned that Michael was no longer available. Too adorable

It’s unclear exactly when the couple started dating. But since September 2022, Haile and Michael have been blogging about one another on their own social media accounts. We can presume that the couple first began dating in the early months of 2022 because most celebrities keep their personal relationships private before making them known.

Haile, who runs her own company called Haile Rose Closet and has approximately 180,000 Instagram followers as of this writing, works as a fashion influencer.

In addition to her hobbies in beauty and fashion, Haile is a supporter of mental health and frequently provides upbeat and encouraging content to her fans. Additionally, Kile Glover, a previous stepson of Usher who passed tragically in July 2012 at the young age of 11, had a sister named Haile.

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Michael Rainey Jr. Previously Dated Model Eva Apio

michael rainey jr girlfriend

Michael is quite the charmer who knows how to draw the ladies, just like Tariq in Power. According to The Shade Room, Michael once dated model Eva Apio from Uganda.

In a since-deleted Instagram image from May 2019, Michael and Eva both declared their romantic status, showing the actor’s arm around the model as they posed for the camera.

Michael captioned the image, “My lil one,” using heart emojis. Sadly, the couple parted ways in the latter part of 2019.

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Michael Rainey Jr. Was Rumored to Have Dated His Co-Stars Alix Lapri and Paige Hurd


When an actor develops a romantic relationship with someone on-screen, it doesn’t take long for dating rumors to start circulating. Take Michael, who was originally said to be dating Alix Lapri and Paige Audrey-Marie Hurd, two of his Power co-stars.

In actuality, performers are helpless if they have chemistry with one another. It doesn’t indicate a romance is developing, though. Fans of Power Book II: Ghost were gripped by Michael’s infamous love square, and many assumed that he was dating one of the females.

Not to mention, Michael had a reputation for being a little flirtatious online with his co-stars. Alix and Michael, however, never explicitly denied their relationship.

Additionally, Michael never made it known that he and Paige were dating. In a January 2022 appearance on The Real, Paige formally put an end to the rumors.

With regard to Jordin Sparks, Loni Love, and Adrienne Bailon, Paige remarks, “I know everyone thinks I’m his age, but I’m way older.” He might be like my second or third husband, I wonder. But, you know, we need to allow him some time to develop. Additionally, Adrienne, I have to remain unmarried despite the fact that I’d love to participate in The Bachelorette.