Mickey Rourke’s Net Worth: How Much Has Mickey Rourke Made This Year?

Born on September 16, 1952, Philip Andre “Mickey” Rourke Jr. is an American actor and former boxer best known for playing the starring role in the drama, action, and thriller movies.

In the 1980s, Rourke appeared in the comedies Diner (1982) and Rumble Fish (1983), as well as the comedies The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984) and 912 Weeks (1984). (1986). He gained critical acclaim for his performances in the horror mystery Angel Heart and the Charles Bukowski movie Barfly (both 1987).

In the cult classic action movie Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man in 1991, Rourke collaborated with Don Johnson and Tom Sizemore. The same year, Rourke, who had a boxing background in his youth, gave up acting to briefly pursue a career as a professional boxer.

Early Years of Mickey Rourke

On September 16, 1952, Philip Andre Rourke Jr. was born in Schenectady, New York. The Catholic upbringing Rourke received had a significant impact on his subsequent life. Rourke continues to follow Catholicism and has been referred to by his colleagues as “a decent Catholic.” Mickey’s father left the family when he was just six years old.

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mickey rourke net worth

Rourke’s mother first homeschooled him and his siblings before getting remarried and relocating the whole family to South Florida. Mickey Rourke completed his high school education in Miami in 1971.

How Much Money Does Mickey Rourke Make (Net Worth)?

An American actor named Mickey Rourke has a $10 million fortune. Rourke first gained notoriety in the 1980s, but he quit the entertainment industry in the early 1990s to pursue a career as a professional boxer. As a result, his acting career experienced a protracted hiatus.

However, he made a great comeback in the 2000s and grew to be one of Hollywood’s most famous faces.

Why Is He so Well-Known?

Mickey Rourke gained notoriety after appearing in some of Hollywood’s most commercially successful films. Rourke, who was reared in Miami, Florida but was born in Schenectady, New York, shortly received his diploma from the Miami Beach Senior High School.

In his teenage years, he focused more on sports and even attended a self-defense class at the Miami BGCA (Boys and Girls Club of America). He developed an interest in boxing around that time and picked up a few techniques.

“You never know what will happen in boxing. In wrestling, everything is planned out. Donald Rourke At the age of 12, Rourke competed in his very first boxing battle and prevailed as a flyweight weighing 112 pounds. He adopted the boxing ring name Phil Rourke in his early bouts.

Rourke participated in numerous boxing training sessions and contests for the remainder of the 1960s. His most memorable sparring match was against former World Champion and top-ranked middleweight boxer Luis Rodriguez.

“I grew up in the same Miami gym where Muhammad Ali worked out. Three of my 142 amateur fights were losses. Donald Rourke

mickey rourke net worth

The formal start of Rourke’s amateur boxing career was in July 1964, and it lasted until August 1973. Over the course of over ten years, he managed to win 27 matches (including victories over players like Javier Villanueva and Ronnie Carter) while losing only three. When he received a concussion at the 1971 Florida Golden Gloves, he made the decision to temporarily retire from the ring.

I truly didn’t have a childhood because I worked throughout my life, among other things. So when I did have some success, I lost it. That was when I was a kid, and the celebration never ended. Donald Rourke

Personal Life

Rourke had relationships with famous people like Terry Farrell and Sasha Volkova before he wed Debra Feuer in 1981. The pair was together for nine years despite never having children.

From 1992 through 1998, Rourke and his Wild Orchid co-star Carré Otis were wed. Then, from 2009 to 2015, the actor was romantically linked to Russian model Anastassija Makarenko, but he now claims to have been single for the previous seven years.

Last but not least, Rourke has credited his comeback to his religion and love of dogs. He has participated in pro-animal rights demonstrations and made a PSA for PETA.

Real Estate

If Mickey Rourke has made any real estate investments, few people are aware of them. He is known to rent a variety of residences, though. Rourke reportedly relocated from a 5,000-square-foot Manhattan condo to a smaller rented unit in 2011. The smaller apartment he ultimately chose cost $13,500 per month, compared to the purportedly over $20,000 monthly cost of the one he previously rented.

Rourke was reportedly looking for a new rental house in 2014, and he was reportedly weighing choices with rents around $10,000 per month. He eventually entered a Tribeca flat after signing an 18-month contract. 2017 saw Rourke being sued by his landlord for unpaid rent and other damages.

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mickey rourke net worth

Two months before the lease ended, he allegedly ceased making rent payments, leaving him with a $30,000 rent deficit. Rourke was also accused of causing the apartment $10,000 in damages. There were holes left in the walls, a broken bathtub, a broken lock on the front door, and ceiling “disco lights” that were not supposed to be there.

Rourke has previously been at the forefront of similar challenges. He was kicked out of the Donald Trump Plaza Hotel in 1994 for severely damaging the Central Park Suite. In the $5,000 per night suite, Rourke is said to have damaged $20,000 worth of furnishings.

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