Micky Dolenz Net Worth: Which Vocalist and Drummer from “The Monkees” Has the Highest Wealth?

Micky Dolenz, whose real name is George Michael Dolenz Jr., is a singer, actor, and television personality. He is well-known for his work as the drummer and vocalist for the pop/rock group The Monkees in the 1960s. With the drama children’s program Circus Boy, he made his acting debut. He joined the group in 1966 and contributed to The Monkees’ self-titled debut album.

Over the course of his career, he received nominations for two Grammy Awards in the categories of best vocal performance by a vocal group and best vocal performance by a duo or group with vocals.

Early Life

On March 8, 1945, in Los Angeles, California, George Michael Dolenz Jr. was born. Micky, who was raised by two actors and his three younger sisters, had Perthes disease as a child. Due to the hip joint and right leg being injured, one leg was weaker and shorter than the other. Dolenz had to develop a unique, wildly unconventional drum setup later in his musical career as a result of this physical problem.

micky dolenz net worth

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Mickey Dolenz’s Net Worth

American actor, filmmaker, musician, and radio host Micky Dolenz has a $9 million fortune. He may be most remembered for his time in the 1960s as the vocalist and drummer for the band the Monkees, but he also had a fairly successful career as an actor, television director, radio host, and theater director. More than 65 million albums and singles have been sold as of this writing.


Micky Dolenz was an accomplished musician who had composed many of his own songs by the time he received his high school diploma. At first, he created his own band, including himself as the lead singer. But he didn’t try out for the Monkees until he was a college student.

micky dolenz net worth

He performed “Johnny B. Goode,” a popular song by Chuck Berry, at the audition. In 1965, the band offered him a position. The band was distinctive in that NBC promoted it through a sitcom. Micky Dolzen received a part in the band along with a part in the sitcom.

The Wealth of The Monkees in Comparison to That of Michael Nesmith

Nesmith had a net worth of $50 million at the time of his passing, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In contrast, Dolenz, the sole survivor, has a net worth of $9 million as of 2021. In the group, Nesmith’s performance is surpassed by that. Following his tenure with The Monkees, bandmate Davy Jones attempted a solo music career.

He never quite achieved the same level of success, but he always seemed to find his way back to the group, in whatever capacity, throughout his life. When he passed away on February 29, 2012, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his wealth was $5 million.

micky dolenz net worth

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Liquid Paper Was Created by Michael Nesmith’s Mother.

There is one significant hint as to how Nesmith become so wealthy without looking into his own accounts since the 1960s. Before her son became a well-known singer, Bette Nesmith Graham was a single mother and a secretary. She nevertheless established quite a reputation for herself.

Graham, who was frustrated by the difficulty of quickly and readily correcting typewriter mistakes without having to retype, created Liquid Paper corrective fluid in her kitchen blender. Graham, who is also an artist, used her understanding of paint to make up a bottle of what she first termed Mistake Out and employed it in the workplace.

The Monkees’ “remnant Light,” in The Words of Michael Nesmith, “resided in My Life Like a Small Nugget,”

Before he passed away, Nesmith’s attitude toward The Monkees and his former comrades had altered, despite there being instances in the 1980s when it appeared that he harbored hostility toward them.

NPR reports that in 2016, he told Uncut magazine, “The Monkees dwell in my life like a small nugget, a gem I enjoy. “The battles and triumphs are long over. The leftover glow of it is what has persisted.

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Knowing that Nesmith’s difficulties with The Monkees are “far gone” and that all that is left for him at the end is light and delight may bring some fans some solace.

Micky Dolenz Personal Life

On March 8, 1945, Micky Dolenz was born. He has had three previous marriages and is the father of four girls. On the UK Tour, he first met Samantha Juste, his future wife. In 1968, he started dating her. Ami Bluebell Dolenz is the couple’s daughter. In 1975, they split up. In the year 1977, he wed Trina Dow. Charlotte Janelle, Emily Claire, and Georgia Rose were the couple’s three daughters. In 1991, they got divorced. The singer wed Donna Quinter, his third wife, in 2002.