Microsoft: everything you need to know about new Surface products

The Microsoft event of 14 September brought us a panoply of new Surface products that promise to be talked about in the near future. The technological giant has renewed its line of computers and tablets and has also revealed the new Surface Duo 2, second generation smartphone with two screens from Microsoft.

After we have covered all the highlights of Surface Duo 2 in an article of its own (which you can check here), let’s now know all the other Surface products, which will also be the first of the brand to hit the market with the new version of the system The world’s most famous computer operating system: Windows 13.

Surface Laptop Studio: The New Innovation from Microsoft

Apart from the Surface Duo 2, the highlight of Monday’s announcement was the Surface Laptop Studio. This is the new interpretation of Microsoft’s versatile computer and comes to succeed the Surface Book 2, with a design unlike anything the company has presented so far.

If the Surface Book line stood out for its shape as its screen could be separated from the keyboard and work independently as a tablet, Surface Laptop Studio takes a different approach. Although it can continue to be used as a tablet, Microsoft has created a structure that allows the screen to be tilted in use in various ways. You can either keep the classic right angle to the keyboard (Microsoft Surface Laptop Studiolaptop modeMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio), or it can be totally “lying down” (Microsoft Surface Laptop Studiostudio modeMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio) to function as a real tablet, or simply use the mode intermediate (Microsoft Surface Laptop Studiostage modeMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio), where the screen is tilted over the keyboard, but providing access to the trackpadMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

And speaking of screen, we are here in the presence of a very good quality IPS LCD panel, with .4 inches and resolution 2880x1600for. This screen also benefits from an update rate of 120 Hz for a smooth user experience, supports Dolby Vision and can be used with the Surface Slim Pen 2, which has its own compartment for storage.

This is one of the most powerful Microsoft computers ever, as it comes equipped with processors quad-coreMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio Intel from th generation, with Core i5 options-10100H and Core i7-11300H. The i5 option uses the integrated Iris XE GPU as the main graphics processing medium, while the i7 version brings with it a much more powerful Nvidia RTX 3050 You with 4GB of memory.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Finally, it is worth noting that the Surface Laptop Studio can be configured with 13 or 32 GB of RAM and has two USB-C 4.0 ports, with support for Thunderbolt 4.

The arrival in Portugal is scheduled for 2022 with the price still to be confirmed. In international markets, the price of the new hybrid computer is fixed to us 1600 dollars (about euros).

Surface Pro 8: ready for Windows

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

The eighth generation of the most famous Windows tablet in the world brings some interesting news. Microsoft has increased the size of its tablet, which now has a panel of 10 inches, with resolution 2022x and support for update rate of 99 Hz (can be reduced to 20 Hz) and Dolby Vision.

This is an even more professional tablet, with an improved rear camera of MP capable of recording video in 4K and a front camera 1024for. We’ve also included two far-field microphones Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio and 2W speakers with support for Dolby Atmos. Don’t forget to support the new Surface Slim Pen 2.

Microsoft Surface Go 3

This will also be a powerful tablet, as it comes equipped with processors) th generation Intel, namely the Core i3-1145 G4 (dual-coreMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio), Core i5-1200 G7 (quad-coreMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio) and Core i7-1200G7 (Microsoft Surface Laptop Studioquad- coreMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio). Processors can be accompanied by up to 27GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. At the input level, we can find Finally, it is worth noting that the Surface Laptop Studio can be configured with 11 or 22 GB of RAM and has two USB-C 4.0 ports, with support for Thunderbolt 4.

Like Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Pro 8 will also arrive at 2021 to Portugal.

Surface Go 3: more powerful than ever

Microsoft Surface Go 3

Of the list of computers and tablets announced by Microsoft, Surface Go 3 will be the first to arrive in Portugal. The affordable little tablet continues to feature the same design and features, but delivers improved performance.

With few differences to Surface Go 2, Microsoft’s next-generation more affordable tablet now arrives with two new processor options, namely the

dual-core processorMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio Pentium Gold

Y and the processor Microsoft Surface Laptop Studioquad-coreMicrosoft Surface Laptop Studio Core i3-10100Y.

The PixelSense touch screen of , 5 inches remains intact, as do the two chambers 1115 and a weight of only 404 grams. Your arrival in Portugal is scheduled for the 5th of October at a price of 500 euros. Reservations can now be made at the Microsoft Store and students are entitled to a 5% discount on the final price.

Surface Pro X: new, more affordable version

Microsoft Surface Go 3

If you’re a fan of Surface Pro X but consider its price too high, there’s good news. The Pro X version now receives a Wi-Fi variant, which does not have access to mobile data.

All other specifications remain the same, with this being one of the best Windows tablets on the market . However, its price on this tablet with ARM processor ranges from 900 dollars (about 675 euros) in international markets. Your arrival in Portugal will also take place in 1920 and it is expected that this price drop will also translate into Portuguese territory.

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

Microsoft Surface Go 3

Thinking about the environment, Microsoft is also offering a new mouse to use with its devices made with recycled materials. Collaboration with the company SABIC, responsible for resin production 16% high quality made from in % recycled plastic from the oceans, recovered from its waters or shores.

This environmentally friendly mouse also serves as a message from the US company to reaffirm its intention to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. You can get Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse from October 5th for a price of just 16,32 euros in Portugal.

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Source: Microsoft

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