Mighty Number 9 Controversy- What Went Wrong with Mighty No. 9??

mighty number 9 controversy

Mighty No. 9 is a 2016 action-platform video game developed by Comcept and published by Deep Silver in collaboration with Inti Creates. The game was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and heavily influenced by the audience. In terms of gameplay and character design, Mighty No. 9 is a spiritual heir to the early Mega Man series, on which project lead Keiji Inafune worked.

Mighty No. 9’s minimum Kickstarter target was met just two days after the campaign began in September 2013. However, as other “stretch goals” relating to it were met, new features such as more stages, special modes, and ports to other platforms were announced, bringing the total funds raised to almost 400 percent of the initial goal.

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The game was supposed to be launched in April 2015, but it was repeatedly postponed until it was finally released in mid-2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, OS X, and Linux, with no plans for PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS versions.

How Far Have the Powerful Fallen?

Mighty No. 9 didn’t just have a rocky debut, according to Uproxx writer Nathan Birch: the game also had a “rocky development.” Its Kickstarter effort surpassed all expectations, raising $4 million and promised a slew of ambitious push goals.

What was supposed to be released in 2015 was delayed by over a year, resulting in a lot of bad press. It all began when the developers asked their donors for extra money. Given how much the project had already beyond its initial funding goal, such a request came seen as greedy, and gamers were not buying it. To make matters worse, Inafune launched a new Kickstarter campaign before finishing Mighty No. 9 – a miscalculation that effectively killed the project.

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Regardless, work on the project continued to the point where it was purportedly nearing completion and on schedule to launch on time. The game was released to little fanfare after four delays and a lousy trailer. The creators managed to do everything wrong possible, resulting in a game that was hardly playable.

The Mighty No. 9 Was a Huge Letdown

mighty number 9 controversy

When Mighty No. 9 eventually arrived, it not only failed to meet expectations but also failed to stand out. “Mighty No. 9 doesn’t seem to have a strong idea of what was entertaining about Mega Man, or 2D action-platformers in general,” Vince Ingenito wrote in his IGN review.

The level design was horribly poor, the bosses were too difficult to appreciate the fundamental concepts, and the visuals were lackluster, according to Forbes’ Ollie Barder. “A dull, frustrating game that doesn’t deserve to succeed Mega Man,” said Mike Minotti of GamesBeat. However, the gameplay wasn’t the only issue.

Things were not looking good for the project’s backers. Not only were some backers having trouble downloading the game when it was released, but one of the incentives was also broken. Fans could purchase a box and manual in the manner of the NES or Famicom for $60.

This item took even longer to arrive than the game, and those who chose the Famicom version discovered that the manual was larger than the box. From the beginning to the conclusion, Mighty No. 9 was a complete disaster.

When Video Game Fans Hear About Mighty No. 9, They Will Always Be Sad

There wasn’t much done with the throwback fighting robot before Capcom finally did right by the Blue Bomber and gave his admirers Mega Man 11. Mega Man Universe, which was inspired by Super Mario Maker, was launched in 2010 but was subsequently canceled in 2011. Mega Man Legends 3 was also canceled, leaving the series on a bleak cliffhanger.

mighty number 9 controversy

Keiji Inafune, a former Capcom video game producer, is most known for his extensive work on the Mega Man IP, which began with his work as an artist on the series’ debut game. Inafune formed his own development business, Level-5 Comcept, after leaving Capcom in 2010. The studio’s first effort was a Mega Man tribute that received a lot of attention on Kickstarter. In actuality, it received 67,226 pledges totaling $3,845,170.

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Fans, on the other hand, were left disappointed by the final product. Here’s why gamers and Mega Man fans alike will always groan in defeat anytime Mighty No. 9 is mentioned.


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