Mike Pompeo: Did He Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Under the Trump Administration, Mike Pompeo served as the United States government’s Secretary of State. He was criticized for being overweight after becoming well-known to the general public. He disclosed how he lost over 90 pounds while speaking candidly about his battle with obesity.

Pompeo’s recent viral photo led many to wonder how he lost a lot of weight so quickly. He underwent gastric sleeve surgery, right? Did he follow a liquid diet of any kind? Or perhaps he enrolled in a pricey personal training course at one of those posh, brand-new, exclusive gym chains.

The response, in Mike Pompeo’s opinion, is none of the aforementioned.

How Did Mike Pompeo Reduce His Weight so Much?

mike pompeo weight loss

Mike Pompeo asserts that his dramatic transformation was the result of just 30 minutes of exercise five to six times per week. Pompeo decided to lose weight permanently, regardless of whether he underwent weight loss surgery.

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The Reason for Mike Pompeo’s Surprising Weight Loss

It is well known that the former secretary of state enjoys fast food. Politico stated in a profile from the prior year that Pompeo was conceivable “The biggest fast-food fan in Trump‘s Cabinet.” Pompeo has frequently mentioned his love of fast food in public.

He told the Post, “I started working out, not every day but nearly every day, and eating right, and the weight just started to come off. “I made an effort to visit the gym five or six times a week and stay for about 30 minutes. And that lacked any element of science. Both a trainer and a dietician were absent. There was only me. Michael Pompeo

A pound of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine. You must burn 7,000 more calories each week than you consume in order to lose two pounds per week. Mike Pompeo would need to burn at least 24,500 calories per week if he were to consume the typical 2,500 calories per day.


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“The figures simply don’t add up. Man, just be truthful. Al Rose, a former Kansas congressman and current trainer in New York, said, “Mike, come on, man. You’re definitely lying. Such a rapid loss is typically only possible with surgery, drugs, or extreme measures.”

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What Actually Happened with Mike Pompeo’s Weight Loss?

The story of Mike Pompeo’s weight loss is fascinating, especially considering how easy it was accomplished. He says that losing over 90 pounds in six months was made possible by working out for 30 minutes each day, five to six days a week.

To put that into perspective, that is comparable to cycling 236 miles in a month or running 26.2 miles per week. Just ask him if you don’t believe him. He can be found on Twitter (@mikepompeo) and Facebook.

After all, someone who can lose nearly 100 pounds in a year is not just any random person. Additionally, Pompeo hasn’t been keeping this a secret all this time. Even if he wasn’t able to lose that much weight, his progress would still be remarkable.

It’s the fact that he committed to working out and eating healthier rather than undergoing surgery or spending thousands of dollars on a diet support program. How do you feel? Mike Pompeo underwent weight loss surgery, right?