Mindy Kaling’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation Post Her Son’s Birth

Mindy Kaling asserts that she “didn’t do anything differently” during her most recent attempt to reduce her weight. Because “It Never Really Works,” according to Mindy Kaling, she was able to shed some pounds without following a strict diet.

The 42-year-old mother of two disclosed in an interview with ET that she did not make any significant changes to her diet. After giving birth to her son Spencer in September 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What She Has To Say About Her Diet?

ET received an admission from the actress that “I eat what I like to eat.” She said she had succeeded with “any kind of rigorous diet that I never try.” Simply eat less of it.”

She said, “I wish there were something more juicy or dynamic about how I’ve dropped a little bit of weight. But that’s how I’ve done it.” According to the actress, Kaling’s latest weight loss resulted from different conditions. Then when she gave birth to her daughter Katherine, who is now four years old. It is a pressure for her to lose weight as soon as possible. Due to her commitment to the work.

“I had to start filming a movie two months after giving birth to my baby. So I was very much like, “Give me grilled salmon and sautéed spinach. That is going to be my diet for the next three months.’ ”

When Kaling gave birth to Spencer, she no longer had to deal with “those pressures,” even though the quarantine remained in place after the delivery. There was a close call with extending the maternity leave. Since the studios are closed, Kaling tells ET that she will not appear in front of the camera.

She said that the last seven months of her pregnancy were also kept a secret. “I felt pressured during my first pregnancy, and I think it was such a joy to spend the time when nobody was out, and nobody was taking pictures,” she said. She kept her pregnancy a secret for the last seven months.

When Kaling returned to work the following month, she shared with PEOPLE her belief that it “takes a village” to raise two children.

Here is some proof of her weight loss journey from her Instagram pictures


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Returning to Work After a Break

She stated then, “I can’t maintain my full-time professional employment and take care of two children younger than three years old at the same time.” if it were not for the extraordinarily tight bond I have with my nanny. “Also, with my father, who comes to the house at least twice a day to pick up my daughter and bring her home, as well as to take my son out for walks. Because it is only a tiny community, I have often wished that my hometown held a greater significance.

She did agree that there were occasions when requesting assistance was an easy process. “We carry shame about requiring help,” she said in an interview with PEOPLE. “And the majority of women in this nation do not necessarily have the same options. Even though many people have the good fortune to have family members. Since my mother passed away in 2011, I have been making decisions on my own. Who can offer them financial support?”


She said, “Especially during the pandemic, we learned how unjustifiable and precious childcare providers are.”