Top Mixtiles Competitors in 2022

In this article, we analyse Mixtiles’ competitors and provide a list of its key rivals. David Katz and Eytan Levit, the company’s co-founders, are Israeli natives who developed Mixtiles. It provides services from its Israeli headquarters in Tel Aviv. It is a start-up that has quickly achieved unthinkable heights since its founding.
The iOS and Android operating systems both support the photography app Mixtiles. It also goes by the name picture tiles and transforms ordinary photos into gorgeous and reasonably priced wall art. To make the photographs look new and engaging, the website provides a variety of styles, personalised wall enhancement, sophisticated editing tools, as well as backdrop themes, effects, and filters. Before printing, the user can easily select the filters and effects he wishes to utilise. The ability to generate endless photographs and share them instantly with loved ones, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances is the biggest feature of the programme.
8-inch by 8-inch photo tiles from the free app Mixtiles can be affixed to the wall using peel-and-stick tape. The app has a 4.8-star rating. With prices starting at just $11, shipping is also free.
There are many similar apps available that provide excellent products at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a Mixtiles rival, check out the list below and pick the one that best suits your needs.

1. PhotoSquared Print + Stick Pix

PhotoSquared Print + Stick Pix

Look no farther than PhotoSquaaured print + stick pix if you’re seeking for an economical Mixtiles rival. The user can print his or her preferred images on canvas boards and hang them on the wall. With the use of double-sided adhesives, the app provides a thin canvas that is simple to stick to any surface. The squares are reasonably priced at at $9 each
To make an image fascinating and amazing, the PhotoSquared print + stick pix website offers a variety of editing tools like stickers, frames, effects, and filters. To access further services, the user must first download the app into tablets or other mobile devices and then enter his email address.
The PhotoSquared print + stick pix app is available 24/7 and provides consumers with quick and free shipment. Both the iOS and Android operating systems support the programme, which is accessible for free usage. The ability to add new features, create and share an endless number of photographs, create photo albums, create 8-by-8-inch photo boards, connect to any surface with four adhesives, and remove and reattach without damaging the walls are all significant features.

2. MeshCanvas


MeshCanvas is a significant rival to Mixtiles in the market. It is a programme that can transform your photograph or image into canvas art. The best thing is that if you want to modify, remove, or re-stick the canvas twenty times, it won’t harm the walls or surface. The company sells MeshCanvas 3 canvas prints for $60, and each excess is an additional $14. It also sells MeshTile Photoboard 3 pieces for $46, and each surplus is an additional $10. It also sells MeshFrame Picture Frames 3 pieces for $46, and each surplus is an additional $10.
Both the iOS and Android operating systems support the programme, which is accessible for free usage. There are millions of users worldwide who may easily access it from any location at any time. With the aid of a straightforward and reasonably priced app, enhancing your walls is now really simple.
Water-repellent canvas is wrapped around the edges of the object to protect it from damage. Four attached adhesive squares on each piece can be pulled off and stuck in the appropriate places.
Customized options for creating excellent wall art in real-life FB and IG, lightweight graphics arts composite panel, free shipping, mix-and-match square and rectangle layouts for the photos of 8-inch by 8-inch along with 8-inch by 12-inch canvas size and.75-inch thickness, respectively, are important features of the photo-board application and stackable canvas.
Mesh photos, high-quality filters, and more editing tools are also among its key features, which let users produce stunning works of art.

3. Keepsake


One of the greatest Mixtiles competitors in the market is the free programme Keepsake, which caters to photo enthusiasts. It is a great option if you want to give it as a gift to someone you care about or adorn your home with pictures of loved ones.
The mobile application enables the user to explore a variety of frames and instantly examine each image in each frame to determine which ones will look best. Competitor of Mixtiles offers numerous frames, a new addition of editing capabilities, and an intuitive UI.
The Keepsake frame features a number of lovely frames in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours. With the help of the software, users may make unique photographs with backgrounds, effects, filters, and frames. There are millions of users worldwide who may easily access it from any location at any time.
To use the app, access all of the key functions, and generate personal photos, the user must first register with a confirmed email address and other pertinent information.
It is simple to upload pictures from Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, or the Keepsake app on Android or iOS if the user is using a computer. Pricing for small, medium, and big frames begins at 25, 39, and 79 dollars, respectively. There are several handcrafted metal and wooden frames available in a variety of hues and shapes.

4. Fusion Photoblend Free

Fusion Photoblend Free

Tech BLA Solutions Pvt Ltd created Fusion Photoblend Free, which is available in English. It is an image blending tool that makes it simple to mix and blend photographs taken with a smart camera and post them on Twitter and Facebook.
By tapping the green download button, it may be accessed by millions of users worldwide who use iOS devices and can do so effortlessly from any location at any time.
With the use of editing tools like stickers, filters, and more, the user of the paid software can combine fifteen different blend modes to create a unique mix. The clever picture blender programme, as its name implies, is free to download and helps create ready-to-stick canvas art from images.
A user-friendly interface, an easy-to-use app, the ability to choose, create, mix, change, and share photographs, as well as a variety of filters and editing tools, are important aspects of Mixtiles’ rival.

5. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor

One of Smiley Tech’s products that competes with Mixtiles is called Photo Lab Picture Editor. One of the best tools for refining and grooming photographs is an all-in-one editing programme. The app is simple to download to your mobile device, and it allows you to edit your photographs however you like.
The Photo Lab Picture Editor helps the user create personalised photographs with photo blur, special effects, and complex backdrop on this high-end platform. It also helps the user edit images with mosaic to photo overlays, background, HDR, and vignette. The brand-new crystal effects feature photo-editing capabilities that enhance photographs and facilitate direct sharing with others.
Photo editing capabilities, pre-designed photo frames, the possibility to exchange faces with another person, a user-friendly interface, fun filters, amusing stickers, AI cartoons, twenty extra effects, the shimmer effect, and shattering effects are just a few of the features that are important. The user has a variety of options at their disposal, such as oil painting finishes, neo glow, black and white adjustments, and sepia appearance, in addition to more unusual effects like sand-like impression and airbrushed appearance.

6. Instatus


The well-known app Instatus was created by Thang Dinh. The all-in-one photo editing tool called Creative Editor creates some of the most incredible pictures. Beautiful postcards may now be made and sent to friends and family. The rival to Mixtiles features a wide selection of stickers and other items that may be applied to various versions.
Creating a caption, choosing to load photos from albums or Instagram accounts, saving and sharing options, photo effects, more than fifty designed templates, 200 stickers, 30 beautiful font collections, more than 100 built-in colours, more than 500 gorgeous design elements and shapes, countless themes, direct image and text sharing are all significant features.
If the user is unhappy with the wallpaper on his screen, there is also the option to purchase a lovely background of your choice.
With Instatus, users may quickly and easily generate beautiful photos thanks to its user-friendly design. He is able to add adorable stickers, text styles, background materials, and design components to produce stunning pictures that can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Pictures are among the best gift possibilities, so it is wonderful if you can make the picture appear amazing and give it in an artistic way. Because Mixtiles and its rivals can turn a photo into wall art, they have gained popularity among the general public.