Mobile Apps that Empower Hundreds of Millions in Rural India

India’s rural communities still face several difficulties such as poor healthcare facilities, unequal access to education, financial limitations, and even difficulty in obtaining basic services. 

Interestingly, the nation’s growing smartphone population and the accessibility of mobile apps have created a special chance to strengthen these communities. The entertainment industry is one sector in which they have achieved notable progress.

We all know how cricket is deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Indians. It’s sparked the development of sports apps that usually feature the latest cricket odds, news, and also a cricket betting app (quick download)

But aside from entertainment and cricket, many more mobile apps are offering more to the country’s rural populations. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Popular Mobile Apps in Rural India

Curious about which apps are gaining popularity among rural residents and how they’re contributing to local development?  Let’s take a closer look at the most downloaded apps right now:

Kisan Suvidha (Agriculture)

Launched in early 2016, Kisan Suvidha serves as a comprehensive platform for farmers and agricultural stakeholders. They provide regular updates on weather conditions, market prices, and other relevant information. 

Local farmers can then use all this info to make informed decisions about crop management, pest control, and of course, when it’s best to grow and sell their crops.

Suyojana (Health)

Health apps have also made an impact across India. Suyojana focuses on health-related services. They provide information on healthcare facilities, vaccination schedules, and preventive measures. It’s one of their goals to improve health outcomes in rural areas.

Meri Sadak (Infrastructure)

Infrastructure development is crucial for rural communities. Meri Sadak app allows users to report road-related issues, such as potholes, damaged bridges, or missing signage. 

While this doesn’t exactly fix the problems reported, they at least make locals aware of what to expect when traveling. That said, this app is doing great work in ensuring safer and more accessible transportation for many.

Microlekha (Inclusive Development)

Financial inclusion is a key driver of economic empowerment, and Microlekha aims to bridge this gap in rural areas. 

This app educates users about financial products, digital payments, and government schemes that enable the rural population to participate in the formal economy. 

OnDemand (Sanitation)

Sanitation remains a critical challenge in rural India. The mDemand app is where people can get sanitation products including toilets and hygiene essentials. They connect users with suppliers and ensure timely delivery of their orders.

GoCoop (Cooperative Culture)

GoCoop promotes a cooperative culture by connecting artisans, weavers, and rural entrepreneurs directly with buyers. They facilitate the sale of handcrafted products which also helps empower local artisans and preserve traditional crafts.

By providing a platform for these skilled individuals to showcase and sell their creations, GoCoop contributes to the economic empowerment of rural communities while simultaneously safeguarding their rich cultural heritage.

10CRIC (Cricket)

As mentioned earlier, Cricket is deeply ingrained in India’s culture, and the sport enjoys a massive fan base across the country, including in rural areas.

Cricket betting apps like 10CRIC have gained immense popularity due to the excitement and engagement they bring to fans during matches. 

With its heavy focus on cricket content, expert analysis, and seamless betting experience, 10CRIC allows rural cricket enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the thrill of the game and potentially earn rewards through their knowledge and passion.

CricRed (Cricket Updates)

CricRed is another cricket app that caters to the needs of mobile users and sports fans in India. It provides superfast scores, detailed scorecards, playing XI information, and trending cricket news. 

For rural cricket enthusiasts, CricRed serves as a one-stop destination to stay updated with the latest happenings in the cricketing world. As a result of this app’s ability to bridge the information gap, fans in rural areas now can still keep up with their favorite teams and players. 


The potential of mobile apps to empower rural India is undeniable. They are catalyzing positive change and are helping to address long-standing challenges in rural areas. 

Now, as technology continues to advance, we can expect that the opportunities for leveraging mobile applications to drive inclusive development in rural communities will only grow.

It is, however, imperative that stakeholders, including app developers, policymakers, and community leaders, continue their efforts to innovate and create solutions that empower and uplift rural populations to attain prosperity.