Model LaNisha Cole Slams Trolls And Clears Pregnancy Rumors After She Welcomed Baby Girl With Nick Cannon!

Just After famous model LaNisha Cole gave birth to her baby girl Onyx with Nick Connan, rumors started spreading like wildfire about her second pregnancy. After all this, LaNisha came forward to stop these critics from trolling her postpartum body.

In her own words: “No, I’m not pregnant again. You guys are so used to SnapBack culture that you can’t let a woman be at peace with not losing her baby weight in a week.

Cole said this to the fans and critics through her stories on Instagram. Adding to it, she also said that even though her body has become big compared to how it was, she is not in any hurry to lose weight and is embracing motherhood.


LaNisha Cole Reacts to Pregnancy Rumors After Welcoming Baby With Nick Cannon

LaNisha said that she is a new mom, and every new mom has a different experience with her baby. There are many things that have a higher priority than body weight. Calling her newborn “Empress Onyx”, Cole said that all her time is for her daughter and that Onyx has been “ruling” her life since the day she was born.

Adding to her statement, LaNisha was seen saying that she is absolutely fine with her increased bodyweight.

She will lose it once her baby allows her to do so.

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LaNisha Cole welcomed her baby girl with American Television Host Nick Connan in September 2022. The couple had not made their pregnancy public. When talking about the photographer who did the couple’s pregnancy photoshoot, they said: “He is one of the most guileless, peaceful and nonconfrontational kind souls.

When Nick Connan was talking about his daughter Onyx on Instagram, he said: “She is so loving and pure hearted. As for me, if you are truly concerned during this time of Spiritual Warfare, my inner struggles with self, mental wellness and physical health concerns … Just continue to pray for me and my entire family that God will grant us Peace that surpasses all Understanding. 🙏🏾❤️”

LaNisha Cole Reacts to Pregnancy Rumors After Welcoming Baby With Nick Cannon

Both Cola and Cannon shared with fans that their daughter was surrounded with so much love and the couple is beyond grateful for all the good wishes that fans and celebs are showering on the newborn.

While sharing the news of Onyx’s birth, LaNisha said: “Today has been such a special day for us. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to welcome Onyx Ice Cole Cannon into this world, the joy that I feel as a mother is something that has forever opened up my heart in a huge new way.

I’m already obsessed with her!

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Cole slammed trolls who criticised her about her postpartum body weight increase. She said that she is very happy with the journey she went through and would not change anything. It is very easy for people to judge other people’s lives by seeing only a smart part of their lives on social media.