Model Serial Number 69420 Meaning: Elon Musk’s Arrangements with It!

Elon Musk, in typical fashion, kept Twitter fans delighted yesterday night with posts on Tesla, including a promise to reduce the price of the model S to $69420. To answer your question, 69420 means. To shed light on this, please bear with us.

As a direct response to Lucid’s move to lower the price of their base model sedan to $69,900, Elon reportedly made the price cuts.

The challenge has been issued,” he wrote on Twitter. The prediction will come true. After tonight, the Model S will cost $69,420.

Visit Tesla’s website to verify the $69,420 price tag.

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What’s the Meaning of 69420?

Model Serial Number 69420 Meaning: Elon Musk's Arrangements with It!

Thus, we are confident that no one who has used the internet in the last ten years will need an explanation of the significance of the two numbers. However, “69” is an s*x position, and “420” is slang for marijuana on the internet. Classic.

However, the long version of the equation for Pi, which you are not taught in school, also contains the number. This finding was made possible through Reddit.

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Elon Musk’s History With The Number

We won’t get into the possible backstory between Elon Musk and the initial digits, but we will say that he has a funny bone when it comes to employing the number 420 in his enterprise.

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