Moira’s Breathtaking Before and After Journey: A Captivating Journey of Transformation!

Before And After Moira Dela Torre Singer-songwriter Rachelle Bustamante Dela Torre is from. She started her career providing the voices for theme songs and ads for companies including McDonald’s “Hooray for Today,” Surf’s “Pinalaki,” and Johnson & Johnson’s “Signature of Love.” However, Moira Dela Torre’s fans questioned her appearance both before and after the alterations. Therefore, in the piece that follows, let’s compare Moira Dela Torre’s before and after facial alterations.

Moira Dela Torre Biography

moira before and after

In March 2021, Moira’s “Patawad,” her second studio album, was made available. With Daniel Padilla, it gave rise to the hit singles “Mabagal,” “Patawad, Paalam,” and “Paalam,” and with Ben & Ben, it created “Paalam.” For sales of more than 15,000 units, the Patawad album received platinum status in the Philippines. See the article below for a brief biography of Moira.

Specifications Details
Full Name Moira Rachelle Bustamante Dela Torre
Nick Name Moira
Date of Birth November 4, 1993
Age 29 years old
Profession Singer-songwriter
Parents Mike Cruzado and Raquel Bustamante.
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Name Jason Marvin Hernandez (2019-2022)
Genres Pop, Soul, and OPM

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Moira Dela Torre Before and After

moira before and after

Moira Singer-songwriter Rachelle Bustamante Dela Torre performs. She started her career providing the voices for theme songs and ads for companies including McDonald’s “Hooray for Today,” Surf’s “Pinalaki,” and Johnson & Johnson’s “Signature of Love.” Many of her followers assumed that she underwent plastic surgery due to the obvious difference in her appearance before and after 2019. This conjecture makes her facial modifications a subject of discussion. Analyze what happened to her face prior to and following 2019.

Following a minimally invasive procedure on her nose, Moira claimed in 2019 that she had problems. At a press conference for her show, Braver, she revealed that a botched nose operation nearly cost her her sight. I recovered at home because I was under house arrest for almost three months, she continued. However, Moira told the reporters that she has already recovered to a level of about 85% now that I’m healthy.

Moira went on to state that she had no plans to sue the doctor who performed the procedure. She didn’t voice her displeasure to the doctor overseeing the process.

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Moira Dela Torre Family

moira before and after

Moira Dela Torre was born to Mike Cruzado and Raquel Bustamante on November 4, 1993. Her grandmother, with whom Moira spent her formative years, passed away before she got her big break in the music business. On its opening night in February 2018, her inaugural performance of “Tagpuan,” which was directed by John Prats, sold out in four days. Due to great demand, the concert included a second night.

Moira Dela Torre’s marital status is separated. She wed the musician Jason Marvin Hernandez in 2019. On May 31, 2022, the couple announced their separation, with Jason confessing cheating. She joined the Idol Philippines judging panel the same year, and in the Araneta Coliseum, she sang Braver, her second important concert.