Top 10 Most Followers on Tiktok- Here Everything You Need to Know!

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

There’s a good case to be made that marketers and “want-to-be” influencers are the only ones who care about who TikTok’s most popular users are.

Another group of people, however, enjoys viewing the content and inventiveness of some of TikTok’s most popular video artists.

TikTok content providers are crucial to the success of TikTok marketing. They are significantly more popular and well-followed on TikTok than the most popular brands. The TikTok celebrities listed below can help you reach audiences you never imagined for your brand.

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10. Spencer X

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

More than 54 million people follow you on social media. Spencer X is a performer. Manhattan, New York City, USA, is where I was born and raised. Spencer Polanco is of Ecuadorian and Chinese ancestry.

9. Burak Özdemir

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

Over 57 million people follow you.

CZN Burak is the only person who can dethrone the renowned restauranteur Salt Bae. Burak zdemir is a Turkish chef who also owns a restaurant. He is the owner of the Hatay Civilizations Table (Turkish: Hatay Medeniyetler Sofras) restaurant chain, which includes Taksim, Aksaray, Etiler, and a new one in Dubai. CZN (zdemir’s nickname) is derived from a frequent mispronunciation of Cinzano, his father’s textile shop in Istanbul’s Laleli district.
His pleasant cooking videos on TikTok and Instagram with HIS UNIQUE MIX OF Turkish and Arabic recipes have made him a top culinary and restaurant influencer not only in Turkey but around the world.

Top social media superstars and stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, entertainer Khaby Lame, MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, Indian actress Keerthy Suresh, and others have visited his eateries.

8. Dixie D’amelio

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

Over 57 million people follow you.

Dancer and performer. Charlie D’amelio’s sister. Social Tourist, a new trend-forward apparel brand within the Abercrombie & Fitch Co., was founded by Dixie D’Amelio and her sister. A clothing line that is ideal for those who enjoy traveling.

7. Kimberly Loaiza

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

More than 61 million followers Kimberly Loaiza is a YouTuber, influencer, singer, and dancer from Mexico. She enjoys inviting others to join her on her own jet.

6. Will Smith

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

67 million+ Twitter followers

The Oscar-winning entertainer and “protector” of Alopecia-affected wife despises comedians, particularly Chris Rock. But his folly hasn’t stopped him from becoming a TikTok celebrity with over 60 million followers. Will Smith joins National Geographic in December 2021 to travel around the world and discover hidden gems in Welcome to Earth (Disney+).

5. Zach King

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

More than 67 million people follow you on social media.

Zach King is a filmmaker, novelist, magician, and illusionist from the United States. Zach debuted a new short commercial with Turkish Airlines in February 2022, encouraging people to visit Turkey. In the four-minute commercial, King competes with his co-star, J.J. Carroll, for a window seat on their trip through Istanbul Airport.

4. Addison Rae

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

More than 87 million people follow you on social media. Addison Rae Is a Female Performer and Dancer. the Tiktok Sensation Enjoys Getting Away from Her Hectic Hollywood Life and Visiting Her Home State of Louisiana

3. Bella Poarch

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

More than 88 million people follow you on social media.

Bella Poarch is a Filipina-American singer who is one of the world’s most popular TikTok influencers. Bella released the most loved video on TikTok in August 2020, in which she lip-syncs to Millie B’s song “Soph Aspin Send.” Bella Poarch released the hit tune “Build a Bitch” in May 2021. She didn’t have the opportunity to visit and learn about the Philippines as a child, according to a Cosmopolitan interview.

2. Khaby Lame

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

More than 135 million people follow you. Khabane Lame is a TikToker from Senegal located in Chivasso, Italy. His TikTok films, in which he discreetly mocks overly foolish or convoluted videos posing as life tips, have become well-known. Kabhy collaborated with Pepsi Co’s Starlight in February 2022, a “space-flavored” cola inspired by growing interest in space travel.

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1. Charli D’amelio

Top 10 most followers on tiktok

With 138 million followers, American dancer Charli D’Amelio is the most followed Titktok person in the world right now. Pura Vida Jewelry (#ShowUsYourHappy campaign), Prada, Hollister, and Social Tourist fashion brands, animated children’s films StarDog and TurboCat, Dunkin Donuts, Orosa Beauty, EOS skincare brand, Sabra hummus dip, Morphe makeup and beauty products, and Hulu are among the brands with which Charlie D’amelio has collaborated.

Charlie D’Amelio, the most-followed TikTok celebrity, confirmed to PEOPLE Mag that she moved out of her parent’s house and into a place of her own in March 2022. Charli, who co-stars with her mother Heidi, father Marc, and sister Dixie on Hulu’s The D’Amelio Show, said she still sees her parents every day unless she is traveling.

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