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most powerful dc characters

Season 4 of Young Justice has been a great hit with DC fans, delving even deeper into the DC Universe’s past. The show has already tackled some of the most powerful beings on the planet, with more on the way. But who is the DC Universe’s most powerful beings?

Fans on Ranker agreed on what they feel is the DC Universe’s power hierarchy, which includes celestial creatures, magical beings, and mighty gods who can smash their way through any city they chose. The world of comics is vast, and many of these characters are associated with DC’s Vertigo line.

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10. The Source

most powerful dc characters

The Source is a heavenly entity that exists in the DC Universe and is thought to be an energy that is responsible for life. The Source is shielded by the Source Wall, which is its outer shell. The Source is a vague science fiction idea, although its significance is generally determined by its recurrence in novels about the New Gods and Darkseid’s desire for Anti-Life.

The Source Wall will be familiar to Young Justice fans, as it is a section of the universe that the programme has lately explored. The Source was also featured in one of the best DC animated programmes, Justice League Unlimited.

9. Mr Mxyzptlk

most powerful dc characters

Mr Mxyzptlk, a name that many people have trouble pronouncing, is one of the oldest characters on the list. Typically a Superman foe, the figure is one of his most dangerous adversaries because to his inability to be knocked away. Superman is continually trying to persuade the imp to go, which makes for some odd comics.

Mxyzpltk annoys Superman, but fortunately for him, he rarely goes any further. His depiction varies, with some writers portraying him as significantly eviler than others. The character has been adapted for television, including Smallville and Supergirl.

8. Superman Prime

most powerful dc characters

Superman Prime, a future form of the character who has lived for 85,000 years, toured the universe, and achieved powers beyond belief, is an alternate version of the Superman fans know and love. The character’s journey is melancholy, as he spends the majority of his time unfulfilled until he resurrects Lois Lane in the far future.
Superman Prime possesses all of Superman’s normal abilities, as well as the ability to wield a Green Lantern ring that has been supercharged by the Sun after he spent 15,000 years charging in it. The character is highly powerful, but his poor rating is most likely due to the DC canon’s lack of information about him.

7. Darkseid

most powerful dc characters

Darkseid the Lord of Apokolips is one of the most well-known DC, or Superman, villains of all time, desiring nothing more than limitless power, domination, and the abolition of all living beings’ freedom. Darkseid is one of the most powerful entities in the DC Universe, and he is one of the main villains.

Darkseid is incredibly powerful, and he frequently outclasses Superman and the Justice League in physical combat. Darkseid’s main power, however, is his network of control, with Apokolips and his subjects often doing the majority of the combat for him.

6. The Endless

most powerful dc characters

The Endless, as depicted in the Sandman books, are a group of siblings who have complete power over the aspect of life that their names indicate. Despite the fact that the characters are primarily seen in Vertigo comics, they have had occasional crossovers with the DC Universe as a whole. Dream recently debuted in Dark Knights: Metal, demonstrating that the characters are still part of the DC continuity despite the New 52 relaunch.

Given how many different creators have worked on them over time, comic chronology might be tricky, but it appears that Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comics are still in the history books, establishing The Endless and their omniscient, endless power.

5. Anti-Monitor

most powerful dc characters

It says a lot about how powerful a character is to be the principal antagonist of one of the best DC Comics crossover events of all time. The Anti-Monitor is one of the greatest villains of all time, and one of the few end-game characters that, due to their incredible power, can only be utilised on rare occasions.

The Anti-Monitor has the ability to destroy universes, making him responsible for an endless number of deaths, including that of Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths, putting him towards the top of the list. In the Arrowverse’s depiction of the classic comic event, the figure was employed as the key villain.

4. Spectre

most powerful dc characters

The Spectre, also known as the Spirit of Vengeance, is one of the DC Universe’s direct incarnations of The Presence. The Spectre possesses virtually limitless power, and unlike many other characters with such abilities, he frequently employs it for heavenly purposes.

The Spectre’s abilities have been represented by a number of people, notably Hal Jordan, who took over the mantle after Jim Corrigan died in the Day of Judgement storyline. Anti-Monitor and the Spectre are frequently ranked in the same spot, as Anti-Monitor has already vanquished Spectre. Many supporters believe he was stifled by self-imposed constraints.

3. Archangel Michael

most powerful dc characters

Michael Demiurgos is Lucifer’s twin brother, and both of them have divine powers bestowed upon them by The Presence. Michael is a character who usually appears in Vertigo comics, as he was developed in the 1990s by writer Neil Gaiman. These characters, like The Endless, were declared to exist in the DC Universe by Grant Morrison during his run on the Justice League of America in the early 2000s.

Tom Ellis, the Lucifer actor, played the character in the fifth season of the show. Michael is a character that is frequently personified by human characters in the DC Universe, but his abilities are greatly beyond those of any human or Justice League member.

2. Lucifer Morningstar

most powerful dc characters

Lucifer, made famous by the hit Fox TV show, is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, having claimed Michael owing to his willpower, which has allowed him to strengthen Michael. However, because their powers bestowed by The Presence are so similar, it’s a toss-up between the two angels.

Because these characters are based on real-life angels, there have been numerous fictional versions of them, but Lucifer has the title of being the second most powerful creature in the DC Universe and Vertigo imprints.

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1. The Presence

most powerful dc characters

Even though figures like the Anti-Monitor and their universe-erasing abilities appear limitless, The Presence is a being that resides far beyond the myriad pantheons of gods that exist in the DC Universe.

Many of the characters in the ranking appear to have nearly endless power, with the sole limit being each other, and their power comes from The Presence. Despite its infrequent appearances, the Presence is unquestionably the most powerful character.

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