Here Are Today’s “Moviedle” Solution and Tips

After Wordle, a quiz game that is an absolute giant, Moviedle has become increasingly well-liked.

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It takes the fundamental ideas and gives them a distinct film spin. You see, you’re trying to name a movie rather than guessing a word. Seems simple enough, no? There is, however, a significant wrinkle to take into account.

For your initial estimate, you’ll only have one second of movie footage to work with. Indeed, the entire movie flashed on the screen, starting to end.

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This is definitely intimidating, so don’t be alarmed. Before you fail, you have six attempts; after that, things go a little slower for you.

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We’ve included three hints on this page to assist you in getting closer to the correct response.

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You may use these to help you figure out the Moviedle answer for today. You’ll also discover the solution to today’s Moviedle if you’re still having trouble.

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Moviedle’s February 28 Teasers


Do not worry if you are having trouble with today’s Moviedle answer. To help you get closer to the solution, here are three hints.

  • Released in 2002
  • Directed by Steven Speilberg
  • Stars Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell

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Today’s Moviedle Response

So, here is the Moviedle solution for today. This one is an action sci-fi movie. Minority Report is today’s Moviedle solution.

Archive of Moviedle Answers

An archive of past answers is provided here to assist you get a better sense of the sorts of movies that may be utilized as answers in Moviedle. We’ll update this list as new riddles are released.