The Shocking Truth About Movies that Allegedly Destroyed Real-Life Marriages….

The performers in movies have to put forth a lot of effort. It may involve demanding production timelines or circumstances that demand a lot of emotional labor from its stars. Even actors who portray a couple onscreen often find themselves falling for their co-stars despite having a romantic relationship with someone else off-camera.

Due to the temptation, resentment, and stories that circulate in the industry, “Hollywood marriages” always seem to have an expiry date, and this date is typically considerably earlier than the marriages of us normal people. Even seemingly stable marriages might become upended in the aftermath of an especially acrimonious on-screen couple. On-set relationships can spark flings that turn into affairs that result in divorce. The failure of actual Hollywood marriages has been attributed to these 20 films.

The Misfits (1961)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

Work and romance don’t always mix well. Marilyn Monroe and writer Arthur Miller are good examples. Although being married since 1956, the couple didn’t collaborate on a project until 1961’s The Misfits. Monroe found Miller to be difficult to deal with, and the many rewrites irritated him. The couple filed for divorce soon after the shooting was over. One year after the film’s debut, Monroe passed away.

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Proof Of Life (2000)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

Meg Ryan just paid Dennis Quaid back when she started having hookups with co-star Russell Crowe on the Proof of Life set, claiming he had cheated on her during the course of their nine-year marriage. Ryan said that the relationship had been deteriorating for some time and that Crowe was merely the final straw.

House Of Wax (2005)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

It may be difficult to have to work with your ex long after you’ve called it quits, but Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush’s One Tree Hill co-stars experienced this. Bush and Murray were barely married for five months when Bush requested a divorce, and accusations started to circulate that Murray had an affair with his House of Wax co-star Paris Hilton.

Titanic (1997)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

James Cameron, the Titanic director, was married to the actress Linda Hamilton when he realized he had feelings for someone else. This romantic implosion took place behind the scenes. While still married to Hamilton, Cameron started seeing the actress Suzy Amis. When Hamilton found out, she divorced him. With three kids, Cameron and Amis are still happily married.

Northern Lights (2009)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

Two marriages—that of Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville and Leanne Rimes and Dean Sheremet—were dissolved as a result of TV movies, fueling tabloid allegations for years. The relationship started while filming and quickly escalated into a huge storm for all sides, resulting in several Twitter arguments. Since being married, Cibrian and Rimes had two boys along with Glanville, and Rimes is their stepmother.

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Mind Over Murder (2005)Movies that ruined real-life marriages

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s marriage also suffered from on-set adultery and infidelity. When McDermott and actress Mary Jo Eustace were still married and Spelling and Charlie Shahnaian were still engaged, an affair started on the first day of production for Mind Over Murder! They eventually got married and had five children together.

The Rum Diary (2011)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

While he wasn’t legally married to French actress Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp came close by fathering two children over their 14-year relationship. However, things came to an abrupt end when he had an affair with Amber Heard, his co-star in the movie Rum Diary, whom he eventually married. Together with legal troubles and violent charges, that relationship also came to a disastrous conclusion.

Daredevil (2002)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s engagement, as well as Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley’s high-profile romances at the time, were brought together by the critically panned Daredevil movie. While remaining faithful to their vows, Affleck said that he met Garner on the set and the two swiftly abandoned their separate relationships to be together.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

Although there are no longer any resentments, Helena Bonham Carter and Emma Thompson were obviously at odds in the early 1990s. Carter started dating Thompson’s husband, Kenneth Branagh when they were filming Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. After five years of marriage to Thompson, he divorced the Dame because of his unmistakable attraction to Thompson.

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Green Lantern (2011)

Movies that ruined real-life marriages

The romance undoubtedly started on the set of Green Lantern, while Ryan Reynolds was still married to Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively was seeing Penn Badgley, even if they have been cautious about when they first started dating. The couple, who were spotted making out all over Manhattan, subsequently started dating seriously and got married in 2012.