The Extraordinary Philanthropy of MrBeast: Transforming Lives and Inspiring Generosity

Jimmy Donaldson, often known as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber and philanthropist who was born on May 7, 1998. He is recognized for creating a subgenre of pricey stunt-focused YouTube videos. His primary YouTube channel is the fourth-most subscribed on the site as of January 2023, and some people believe he is the most popular individual YouTube channel owner with around 130 million subscribers.

Mr. Beast’s YouTube Career

mrbeast philanthropy

Jimmy Donaldson grew raised primarily in Greenville, North Carolina, and graduated in 2016 from a local, private high school. At the age of 13, he began uploading videos to YouTube under the username MrBeast6000. Jimmy used to publish gaming content for games like Pokemon Online, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Minecraft.

He also produced videos in the early stages of his channel that offered commentary on YouTube drama and evaluated the revenue of other YouTubers. As the audience became aware of Jimmy’s “Worst Intros” series of videos, Jimmy’s channel eventually began to expand. He reached the milestone of 100,000 subscribers in July 2016.

Later, in the fall of that year, he left college only two weeks after enrolling in order to pursue a new career as a full-time YouTuber. MrBeast posted a nearly 24-hour-long video of himself counting to 100,000 in January 2017. Within a few days, the YouTuber shot to fame as tens of thousands of people watched this stunt. The next month, he posted a video of himself counting to 200,000 in anticipation of hitting one million members.

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A day before turning 19, Mr. Beast reached the million-subscriber milestone in May 2017. He rose to fame during this time in his career by taking part in a number of difficult yet inventive stunts, such as trying to break glass with megaphones, trying to survive underwater for a full day, and more.

As MrBeast maintained reaching new heights, his brand and popularity have grown significantly in recent years. He hired Chris, Chandler, Garrett, and Jake, four of his childhood pals, to assist him in managing his successful YouTube business. His pals have therefore frequently appeared in his videos as a result. In November 2014, he reached 10 million subscribers. After then, he continued to rise until the channel’s viewership surpassed 50 million in May 2021.


Trees Team

mrbeast philanthropy

On October 25, 2019, Donaldson and Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and YouTuber, unveiled #TeamTrees, a joint fundraising effort. By January 1, 2020, $20 million was to be raised for the Arbor Day Foundation, with the intention of planting trees “no later than December 2022.” The Arbor Day Foundation receives all donations and promises to plant a tree for every $1 given.

Tree planting in US national parks started in October 2019 thanks to support from prominent YouTubers including Rhett & Link, Marshmello, iJustine, Marques Brownlee, The Slow Mo Guys, Ninja, Simone Giertz, Jacksepticeye, and Smarter Every Day. That year, on December 19, the $20,000,000 target was surpassed.

Corporate leaders Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki, Elon Musk, and Tobias Lütke, as well as organizations like Discovery, Verizon, and Plants vs. Zombies, have made significant donations to the initiative. With 1,000,001 trees planted, Shopify founder and CEO Tobias Lütke hold the record for the largest donation. With more than 24.3 million trees planted as of February 11, 2023, the initial target of 20 million trees has been greatly surpassed.

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Beast Philanthropymrbeast philanthropy


The YouTube channel Beast Philanthropy was established on September 17, 2020. Donaldson introduced the charity and food bank in the channel’s opening video and appointed Darren, who had previously starred in several films, as executive director. The channel’s description states that all of its advertising money, brand deals, and retail sales go to charitable causes.

Team Seas

Donaldson and Rober planned the #TeamSeas collaborative challenge event on YouTube for October 29, 2021. By January 1, 2022, $30 million was to have been raised for the Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup. The removal of 30 million pounds of plastic and other trash from oceans, rivers, and beaches would be made possible by the $30 million objective.

To promote the fundraiser, Donaldson and Rober collaborated with BEN and TubeBuddy’s initiative of 8 million global creators and enlisted thousands of content creators, including AzzyLand, DanTDM, TommyInnit, LinusTechTips, TierZoo, LEMMiNO, The Infographics Show, Hannah Stocking, Dhar Mann, and Marques Brownlee.

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Cataract surgery

Donaldson provided free cataract surgery in January 2023 for 1,000 patients with serious vision impairment who couldn’t otherwise afford it. His video on the subject received a variety of reactions, from praise for its goal of raising awareness to criticism that he was making “charity porn” out of pure financial motivation. Other comments questioned why the patients in the video had to rely on a YouTuber for the procedure and criticized the American healthcare system for failing to provide the required medical care.