MrPiracy: biggest piracy site in Portugal closed! But is it the end?

The history of piracy in Portugal has a long history, and on several occasions we had the feeling that the end was in sight. Now, with the closure of the MrPiracy site, it seems that we have reached yet another of these points.

Over the years, many sites have provided pirated content aimed at Portuguese users, and this trend has gained greater prominence with the legendary WarezTuga. It has been a long time since the MrPiracy site had taken “control” of this illegal distribution market, becoming one of the most visited sites in Portugal.

Now, to the dismay of thousands of fans, it was officially announced that the project has come to an end and that it will not return.

Official announcement

We are very sorry but the project has reached the END.

—Official MrPiracy (@MrPiracyPt) October 7, 2021

On the website it is possible to read a farewell letter, where the team explains that all projects have an end, and that of MrPiracy now arrived. In addition, they guarantee and guarantee that any future use of their branding will not be associated with the current team.

End of MrPiracy: this will be an important step towards the end of piracy in Portugal?

The answer to this question is very simple: no.

If in past occasions the closure of these types of pirated services left thousands of users “down by hand” for quite some time, this time the situation is quite different.

The MrPiracy team also revealed in the farewell letter that all their contents will be sent to a new project, and even the user information and respective donations will remain intact.

Obviously we do not appeal or suggest the use of these pirated services, but it is still important to report the current status of your existence in Portugal. For the consumption of multimedia regarding series and movies, the official options are, and will continue to be, the best bets.

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