Who Is Musa Khawula? Musa Khawula’s Twitter Account Has Been Suspended for Bashing Celebrities!

Specifically, Musa Khawula. If you keep up with South African celebrity news, you’ve likely heard about him and his controversial opinions regarding other celebrities.

Nevertheless, South Africans seem to adore him and his work; he is sometimes referred to as a “one-man paparazzi” who “spills the tea” on celebrities for all to see. Both his fans and his detractors have come to accept and even admire his stern authority. In any case, the man seemed content with his life and career as a purveyor of celebrity tidbits via Twitter.

His Date of Birth Is Unknown

Even though Musa Khawula has the profile of a famous blogger, he has taken all the necessary steps to conceal his true identity.

It’s not uncommon for him to use celebrity images as his profile picture, although he rarely uploads his own. He has been using the same picture as his Twitter profile picture for quite some time. His birth year and city have been cleverly concealed.

He’s Released Scoops on Many Celebs and Has Been Threatened with Lawsuits

Musa Khawula's Twitter Account Has Been Suspended for Bashing Celebrities!

When it comes to the personal lives and relationships of celebrities, Musa Khawula doesn’t hold back. When he releases them, Mzansi devours them and begs for more.

Among his most notable assertions is that, during her marriage to Quinton Jones, Minnie Dlamini’s jet-set lifestyle was funded by the shady billionaire Edwin Sodi.

Businessman Leeroy Sidambe and his wife Mary Jane, he said, were devastated by Mihlali Ndamase’s interference. He showed the influencer’s furniture purchase and shipping receipts from Sidambe. When Sidambe’s wife discovered out, she was furious.

Of note, he also claimed that DJ Sbu had sent thugs to Zahara’s house. The singer’s South African Music Awards (SAMAs) had been stolen by robbers.

DJ Sbu was so offended by that assertion that he vowed to sue him for R1 million. But in an interview, he changed his mind, saying that he didn’t feel right asking a young man to pay that much.

He’s a Person of Interest in A Murder Case


While Musa Khawula of Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal may have great success in bringing down others, he is also reportedly a subject of interest in the murder of Wandile Wayne Khambule (KZN).

Musa Khawula ‘s Twitter Account Case

Celebrities’ basher Musa Khawula ‘s Twitter account has been suspended.

He is so disrespectful in his reporting and has hurt a lot of people, he has reportedly pleaded guilty to killing his boyfriend Wandile Khambule in March. The murder case is currently in