NBC The Endgame TV Series – All Things We Know About So Far

“Endgame” may sound familiar to you. While it’s not a huge box office hit, it did inspire several internet parodies. That’s OK, but you must put it all out of your mind. This is a one-of-a-kind situation. Learn more about the heist thriller “The Endgame,” which NBC has just ordered to series.

With executive producer Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries), the series is a cat-and-mouse thriller starring Nick Wootton and Jake Coburn (The Vampire Diaries) and the FBI agent who tries to stop her.

It was seven years ago that NBC had a different thriller series in the works with the same title, but it never made it to series. It was one of two NBC pilot orders for 2021, the other being “Getaway,” which is currently awaiting a decision. It was ordered to pilot in April. New NBC dramas “La Brea” and “Ordinary Joe” have been given the go-light for 2020. What we know so far about “The Endgame,” including its release date, actors, and storyline:

NBC’s The Endgame: A Game of Two Worlds

NBC TheEndgame TV Series

Two main characters in the film are “quite recently arrested” international arms dealer Elena Federova (Baccarin) and FBI agent Val Turner (Bathé), who would stop at nothing to sabotage Elena’s scheme despite her “principled, relentless, and socially outcast” status.

Costa Ronin portrays Sergey Vodianova; Kamal Angelo Bolden portrays Owen Turner, and Noah Bean portrays Adic. Doak, Johnson-Hinds, and Espinoza portray FBI Director Rogelio Réal and FBI Agent Anthony Flowers, respectively. NBC has yet to confirm the specifics of their characters.

Companies like Nicholas Wootton Production, My So-Called Company, and Perfect Storm Entertainment are among those participating in the show’s production. Andrew Schneider, Julie Plec, Emily Cummins, Nicholas Wooton, and Jake Coburn are also on board as co-writer and executive producers along with Justin Lin. In addition to directing, Lin will also serve as the film’s producer.

Both Morena Baccarin and Inara Serra, from “Firefly,” feature in “The Endgame,” reprising their roles as Vanessa Carlysle and Vanessa in “Deadpool 2.” Actress Jessica Brody on Homeland and Dr. Leslie Thompkins on Gotham were both nominated for an Emmy Award in 2013.

How Much Do We Know About NBC’s Endgame TV Series So Far?

Even though she has been arrested by the feds, Baccarin portrays Elena Federova, a weapons dealer and criminal genius who is still planning bank heists.

Ryan Michelle Bathé, the FBI agent entrusted with halting Federova’s robberies, represents the feds. First Wives Club” star Bathé is currently on the BET+ network. Other notable parts include “Sylvie’s Love” and “All Rise” on the big screen, as well as on television in programs like “This Is Us.””Vacation Friends” star Kamal Angelo Bolden, Costa Ronin, Noah Bean, Jordan Johnson-Hinds, and Mark D. Espinoza complete the cast.

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Behind jail, the criminal mastermind plans and executes high-stakes bank heists. On February 21, 2022, NBC’s thriller will premiere. The Endgame has a new trailer, which you can see down below.

It’s been seven years since NBC was working on a thriller with the same name, but this is a completely new story from a very different team. It was originally dubbed “Untitled Nick Wootton/Jake Coburn Project” and ordered to pilot in April of this year. It was one of the first new pilot orders from NBC for the next television season, despite the fact that the network had already ordered dramas Ordinary Joe and La Brea to series, and comedy Grand Crew and American Auto to series.

Most people are familiar with Morena Baccarin’s portrayal of Gideon in The Flash, although she has been in many other television shows, including The Good Wife and Homeland. Seven Summits Pictures & Management, UTA, and Artist & Brand Management are her management companies.

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Morena Baccarin gave fans a sneak peek at her new show The Endgame on social media this week. So, this is Elena Fedorova. A new episode of #TheEndgame will air on NBC on the 21st of February, 2022. The dates have been set in stone!

“First Wives Club” for BET Plus is Bathé’s first-look deal with ViacomCBS MTV Entertainment Group. She has recently been in “Sylvie’s Love,” “All Rise,” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show” in addition to “This Is Us,” “The Rookie,” “Army Wives,” and “Brothers & Sisters.” They include The Kohner Agency, Principal Entertainment Los Angeles and Imperium 7 Talent Agency.