Neal Schon Net Worth 2022: How Has Income Changed His Lifestyle in Years?

In addition to his work with Journey, Bad English, Journey, and Hardline, Neal Schon is a well-known American rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist.

Neal Schon is well-known as the lead guitarist for Journey and a member of the band’s original lineup. Neal Schon has established himself as a leading virtuoso in rock and roll, and his career is nothing short of extraordinary. In the late 1960s, he found his footing in the Bay Area.

At age 15, Schon ran away to be a part of the band Santana, led by Carlos Santana. After Santana and his band broke up in 1971, Schon hooked up with Gregg Rolie to start Journey in 1973, which he still leads to this day.

Neal Schon and the band Journey entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on April 7, 2017.

Early Life

Neal Schon Net Worth 2022: How income changed his lifestyle in years

In case you were wondering, Schon entered this world on Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma on February 27th, 1954. Matthew and Barbara Schon are his parents, and he shares both their German and Italian heritage.

His dad played in big bands, wrote music for them, and taught others how to play saxophone, clarinet, and other reed instruments. A big band singer was his mother’s profession. Schon took up guitar at the tender age of 10, indicating that music played a significant role in his formative years. He graduated from Aragon High School, San Mateo, California.


Schon’s professional music career got its start at a young age. His guitar skills caught the attention of local bands, and he was soon inundated with requests to join their ranks. In 1971, at the tender age of 17, he signed on with Santana. Around the same period, he was a member of the band Azteca.

Together with Gregg Rolie, he established the band Journey in 1973. The band Journey eventually became quite popular, and Schon was a key member, appearing on 14 of their albums. “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Open Arms” are two of Journey’s most well-known songs. Many of Journey’s albums have gone multi-platinum, and the band’s music has been included in other media.

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Neal Schon Net Worth 2022: How income changed his lifestyle in years

Schon has worked with many other artists and bands outside of his time with Journey. As a musician, he has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, including Sammy Hagar, Bad English, John Waite, and Hardline. In addition to performing alongside Betty Davis and Larry Graham in an all-star ensemble, he was featured on an album by Michael Bolton.

Besides his work with the band, Schon has released nine albums under his own name. His unique approach to playing the guitar and the sound he creates with it have made him famous. He has been influenced by the music of Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, as well as the guitar work of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Carlos Santana, and is known as a “soulful player.”

He usually prefers Gibson instruments and has even had his own signature model custom Les Paul guitar made by Gibson, of which only 35 were ever made.

Net Worth

Over the course of his 40-year music career, Neal has acquired a fortune estimated at over a total of $40 million.

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Personal Life

Neal Schon Net Worth 2022: How income changed his lifestyle in years

When asked about his girlfriend Michaele Salahi, Schon said he started dating her in September of 2011. They had first met and started dating in the 1990s. A year into their relationship, Schon proposed to Salahi during a charity concert at Baltimore’s Lyric Opera House. He used an 11.42-carat diamond in his proposal to her.

They tied the knot in front of a live television audience in December of 2013. They tied the knot at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. Four of Schon’s prior marriages ended in divorce. His ex-wives include Amber Kozan, Dina Gioeli, Beth Buckley, and Tena Austin.

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