NEC: Iris Recognition Accuracy

NEC Corporation announces that its iris recognition technology from NEC Corporation ranked first worldwide in the latest benchmarktest of imaging technologies. iris recognition, IREX 59, conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of USA (NIST).

According to the brand, in this benchmark test, the NEC technology was evaluated with an accuracy rate of 20,59% for “1:N identification”, using images with both eyes and an image base of half a million people.

NEC had also ranked first in the NIST’s benchmarkIris Recognition Test of 2018, as well as in the test results of the benchmark of facial recognition published in August 2018.

In recent years, NEC has you It has taken advantage of its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the performance of its iris recognition technology applied to images with deteriorated quality that often occur in practical situations. This resulted in a significant improvement in the error rate when compared to previous technologies.

NEC: precisão no reconhecimento da íris

Iris recognition

NEC plans to use this technology for “on-going” iris recognition in combination with facial recognition to provide highly accurate multimodal biometric authentication. Multimodal biometrics provide highly accurate results, even when using face masks and hats, and also help to maintain hygienic environments through contactless identification.

NEC anticipates that they will be used in a variety applications, including payment in stores and access to facilities such as data centers that require high security management, food and pharmaceutical factories, clean rooms and medical facilities that require strict hygiene control.

To promote the use of multimodal biometric authentication, NEC is currently demonstrating it through the management of entry and exit of its employees at the NEC headquarters building, as well as through a system of payment at a store in Tokyo.

These user-friendly systems, which allow users to complete operations themselves, are expected to further contribute to access control security and for contactless services in various industries.

In addition and based on the NEC Group’s AI and Human Rights Principles, the company states that “it will continue to give top priority to the considerations of privacy and respect for human rights in the processing of data collected from sources such as AI and biometric systems.”

NEC will also take advantage of its portfolio of biometric identification solutions, `Bio-IDiom’ which includes facial recognition technologies, and `NEC the WISE’ which includes the company’s leading AI technologies, such as video analytics, in order to expand its use to FinTechs, digital identification and much more.

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