Nettavisen.No Traffic Analytics & Market Share is one of the largest online news sites in Norway with over 3 million unique monthly visitors. The site has been operational since 1996 and is owned by the Norwegian Media Group. is the seventh most visited website in Norway and is ranked as the country’s second most popular news site after VG. The site has a wide variety of content including news, sports, weather, finance, and entertainment. In this blog post, we will take a look at’s traffic analytics and market share. We will also discuss some of the site’s recent redesigns and how they have impacted traffic.

Traffic Sources

nettavisa no

The internet is a big place. With so many people online, it can be difficult to know where your traffic is coming from. Luckily, there are tools available that can help you track your traffic and understand where it’s coming from.

One such tool is Netavisen is a website that tracks traffic to Norwegian websites. It provides detailed information on where your traffic is coming from, how much traffic you’re getting, and how popular your website is.

If you’re looking to better understand your website’s traffic, Netavisen is a great resource.

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Nettavisen is Norway’s largest online newspaper with over 1.5 million unique visitors each month. Engagement on the site is high with users spending an average of 9 minutes on the site. The majority of visitors are from Norway with over 60% of traffic coming from the country. Other top countries include Sweden, Denmark, and the United States.

Top Pages

The most popular pages on are the home page, theNorway page, the Oslo page, and the Politics page. The home page is the most popular with over 50% of all traffic, followed by the Norway page with just over 10% of traffic. The Oslo and Politics pages are both very popular as well, each receiving over 5% of traffic.


nettavisa no is the second most visited website in Norway, with 1.6 million unique visitors per month. The site has a market share of 10.4% of all Norwegian internet users.

The site’s main competitors are Aftenposten (5.7%), VG (4.9%), Dagbladet (3.8%), and NRK (3.1%).

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Overall, is doing well in terms of traffic and market share. However, there are a few areas where they could improve. For example, they have a relatively low number of pageviews per visitor, and their bounce rate is on the high side. Additionally, their organic search traffic could be higher. Nonetheless, is still a popular website in Norway and continues to grow at a steady pace.