Never-Before-Seen Clip Reveals Kim Tried to Be on A Different Programme Before KUWTK

Kardashian fans go wild after it’s revealed Kim tried to be on a DIFFERENT show before KUWTK in never-before-seen clip

In a never-before-seen film, it was recently revealed that Kim tried out for a different programme before Keeping Up With the Kardashians, sending KARDASHIAN fans into a frenzy.

The Kardashians on Hulu has recently been under fire from some viewers, who want it to be terminated. The film features ean dited video of Kim Kardashian, 41, from an episode of The Hills on MTV. The Hills was a spin-off of the well-liked teen drama reality series Laguna Beach and ran for six seasons.

The show’s main character, Lauren Conrad, was followed as she tried to negotiate adult life in Los Angeles with her friends, including her 38-year-old stepbrother Brody Jenner, who is also a love interest in the Kardashian family.

Screenshots from the episode’s raw footage were uploaded to a Reddit thread specifically for the Kardashians. In the episode, Heidi Montag, 35, and Spencer Pratt, 38, also known as Speidi, host a housewarming party to mark their move into their new residence.

leading series Due to accusations that her claimed friend Heidi had been spreading about her, Lauren declines to attend the Speidi event.

In the Screencaptures, Heidi Can Be Seen Attending the Event and Mingling with Kim

Never-Before-Seen Clip Reveals Kim Tried to Be on A Different Programme Before KUWTK

Another image shows Kim conversing with Brody, her stepbrother and Caitlyn Jenner’s kid. Spencer alleged that Kim used to attempt to eavesdrop on episodes of The Hills by arranging Heidi’s closet while the show was being filmed in an interview with Complex Magazine. Kim used to call Heidi to arrange her wardrobe, but she was cut from the Hills shows.

Reddit users who follow the Kardashians turned to the comments section of the post to discuss Kim’s “missed break.” Wondering why she was dropped, an admirer wrote: She also appeared on Fresh Princes of Malibu.

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They went on to say, “Must be strange for Brody to have a stepsister he hardly ever sees and for her to, I suppose, beg to [be included] in his programme.” The strange part is that they released the clip in 2016 while she was still relevant, a second Redditor remarked. They probably regretted cutting it, LOL.

Another supporter said, “Big error. Huge. HUGE.” “She wasn’t regarded relevant enough to be on it then,” a fourth commenter remarked. One Redditor remarked, “I just know she was sad when she didn’t make air haha,” while another did the same.

Avoiding Kardashians

The Hulu reality series has recently come under fire from some Kardashian fans who call it “boring,” “the worst show ever,” and demand that it be cancelled after just one season. Following the renowned family’s breakup with E! in 2021, The Kardashians made its television debut.

On Hulu, The Kardashians debuted on April 14, 2022. In addition to mom Kris, 66, and younger siblings Kendall, 26, and Kylie Jenner, 24, the Hulu original stars sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, all of whom are 43 and 37 years old.

Never-Before-Seen Clip Reveals Kim Tried to Be on A Different Programme Before KUWTK

On June 15, the final episode of the first season broadcast, to the dismay of the audience. Reddit users voiced their complaints about the first season and called for its cancellation. I’ve been skipping at least a third of each episode, one admirer wrote. It is quite dry, they continued.

Someone another commented, “If they get a second season, I’ll be shocked because the first season sucked so much.” I enjoyed KUWTK, it was humorous, surprising, light, and crazy in the greatest way, said one fan who claimed the show focused too much on Kim.

“This new programme is essentially a protracted advertisement and campaign about how fantastic Kim is. I’m very bummed out.

Many People Concurred that The Episode Focused Too Much on Kim’s Debut on SNL

The SNL narrative being over three episodes long was too much, according to a fan, and I don’t even think her own family cared that much for it to go THAT lengthy. Others believe that this season was merely a prelude to what was to come.

One fan anticipated that Season 2 would have “more Pete,” “the Met Gala moment,” “the wedding,” “Khloé perhaps moving on,” “Kylie being a mother of two,” and “Kendal just showing more of her personal life.”

Awesome Paycheck

Never-Before-Seen Clip Reveals Kim Tried to Be on A Different Programme Before KUWTK

The Kardashians will have a second season after agreeing to a multi-year contract with the streaming service that calls for 40 episodes. The release date for Season 2 is yet unknown.

Variety claims that the reality show’s salary is at least $100 million.

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