Never Have I Ever season 3: Cancelled or Renewed By Netflix 2022?

We’re anxiously waiting for all of our favorite Netflix original programs to return with new seasons now that we’ve reached the year 2022. The popular adolescent series Never Have I Ever is one program we’re looking forward to seeing.

The series is one of Netflix’s most popular adolescent shows. People stop what they’re doing and quickly tune in when a new season is released on the streamer. This isn’t unexpected given the show’s stellar cast, engaging stories, complex subplots, and likable lead. To top it off, Mindy Kaling is a co-creator of the program!

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Never Have I Ever season 3 will not be available on Netflix until February 2022, so we won’t be seeing Devi and her oddball companions anytime soon.

Principal filming for season 3 is currently underway, according to What’s on Netflix, and isn’t expected to complete until February 18. The good news is that the third season is set to premiere later this year!

We’re still waiting for Netflix to announce an official release date, so we can only guess when Never Have I Ever season 3 will be available.

Never Have I Ever season 3 release updates

Never Have I Ever season 3

Never Have I Ever’s new seasons usually debut in the spring or summer. Season 3 production is expected to finish in February, so we might see the third season launch in the summer.

Season 1’s post-production took six months, while season 2 takes four months. As a result, the earliest we may witness Never Have I Ever season 3 is expected as released on 12th June 2022.

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Unless there are delays in production or post-production, we don’t anticipate Netflix will hold this program until later this year. For the time being, anticipate Never Have I Ever season 3 to premiere on Netflix between June and August 2022.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more Never Have I Ever season 3 news and coverage!

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