Nikocado Avocado: The Youtuber’s Drastic Change in Weight!!

Mukbang videos, which gained popularity in South Korea in 2010, typically include a host devouring a large amount of food while interacting with viewers. Mukbang combines the Korean terms for “eating” and “broadcast.”

As Mukbang films were predominately made by women, Nick became one of the first American guys to participate in that extreme-eating trend. 

Nicholas Perry, better known as Nikocado Avocado to his more than 3.5 million subscribers across his multiple YouTube channels, has established a reputation in the community of eating vloggers.

A large amount of YouTube audience has been captivated by Perry’s eating an entire menu of fast-food meals since 2016. He’s also considered a Mukbanger.

The 29-year-old gained recognition in 2020 for his months-long dispute with other YouTubers who accused him of abusive behavior during his collaborative video, which he later disputed.
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Nicholas Perry has persisted in posting crazy films and antics, creating a powerful platform around his issues. Nick has been experiencing severe health problems due to his compulsive eating. He has been diagnosed with diabetes, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and attention deficit disorder. However, he has recently been making tons of headlines due to his weight loss!

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The Realisation Moment for Nikocado Avocado About His Mukbang Videos

nick avocado weight loss

Even while Nikocado’s videos are engaging, the Mukbang trend has flaws. Many Mukbang YouTubers over-eat and adopt poor eating habits by consuming a lot of unhealthy food at once.

Nikocado had a binge eating disorder and food addiction, frequently consuming enormous amounts of food that helped him become famous. He understood, nevertheless, that he needed to change because he was facing severe health issues.

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Journey of Nick’s 89 Pounds Weight Loss 

nick avocado weight loss

Nikocado weighed about 400 lbs because of his eating habits. Though, Now Nikocado seemed to be making an effort to improve life. Nikocado Avocado has reportedly lost almost 90 pounds and is currently on a strict diet plan to shed even more pounds. 

He has not always been in the best of health, so it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. In addition, he was admitted to the hospital and told to quit eating carelessly in 2022.

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The YouTuber recently posted a video on his weight loss on his Nikocado Avocado 3 channel.

Nicholas stated at the start of his video that he has shed close to 90 pounds.
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Fans can see the change in Nikocado Avocado’s appearance before and after losing weight. 

He added that he had truly started losing weight and that the video was neither outdated nor pre-recorded.

Nick also covered other weight loss-related arguments in the video, like calorie tracking and having unrealistic expectations of how one’s body should look, which is a huge step towards normalizing our body and weight.