“Nick Cannon Is Not My Sugar Daddy,” Bre Tiesi Respondesto an Instagram User!

After an Instagram user suggested Bre Tiesi hire a night nurse for her baby and have Nick Cannon foot the bill, Bre shot back with a scathing response. Cannon is not Tiesi’s “Sugar daddy,” as she stated in an old Instagram story that has since been deleted.

Tiesi’s Instagram story about how her son had been “Screaming his little head off” for three nights sparked the rant. The model then asked the commenter if they would be paying for the night nurse after the commenter suggested she get one. After suggesting she “Tell Nick,” an Instagram user said that was a bad idea.

“I don’t need your unsolicited advice, thanks,” Tiesi remarked. It’s a lot of nerve for u to say that.

Tiesi shared some personal thoughts with her Instagram followers the next day, discussing her relationship with Cannon and their parenting roles. “KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID, AND BABY DADDY’S NAME OUT UR MOUTH,” she wrote.


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“I can rule out Nick as my sugar daddy. Nick is the father of my f***ing child, end of the story. Don’t open your f***ing mouth on my property.” Then, she elaborated.

Bre Tiesi then explained her initial comment that started the discussion. The star of “Selling Sunset” claimed all she did in her post was talk about a challenging parenting moment she had gone through. She wrote, “I was talking about how I haven’t slept bc baby is teething early and that a family member came to visit and spilled my milk all over the couch and put my ember cup in the microwave, which is electronic, and that it was only 9 am.”

And, she emphasized, this has nothing to do with Cannon and she is not complaining. “The person who brought up Nick interrupted a moment of silence. She did what everyone else does and took it to that location; I’ve got alllll the luv for it “…she explained.