Nicki Minaj Before and After- Nicki Minaj’s Transformation: Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

nicki minaj before and after

Nicki Minaj (/mn/) is a Trinidadian-born rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty on December 8, 1982. Her flexibility as an artist is recognized for her crisp lyrics and dynamic flow in her rapping, as well as her use of alter egos and accents. Between 2007 and 2009, Minaj rose to prominence after releasing three mixtapes. Pink Friday (2010), her debut album, shot to the top of the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. “Super Bass,” the album’s fifth single, debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States, becoming the highest-charting solo song by a female rapper since 2002. The Recording Industry Association of America certified it as a diamond.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012), Minaj’s follow-up album, explored a dance-pop sound and charted at number one in various places around the world. The Pinkprint (2014) and Queen (2018), her third and fourth studio albums, respectively, tackled more personal issues and signified a return to her hip hop beginnings.

Nicki Minaj’s Transformation: Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Is she naturally attractive, or does the large b**ty play a role? We’ve arrived to see if Nicki Minaj has had any cosmetic surgery! If you’ve ever wanted to look like Nicki Minaj, you’ll be startled to learn that she refuses to have plastic surgery. She disputed the accusations in an interview with Extra, claiming, “I’ve never had surgery on my face.” “Oh my God, people, it’s cosmetics!” exclaims the narrator.

nicki minaj before and after

Whatever the case may be, photos of her big-bottomed bikini figure, bubbly b**bs, broad thighs, and tiny waist have gone viral. But, before she became renowned and wealthy, how did she appear? Continue reading to learn more about her transformation!

Before and After Nicki Minaj’s Fame

Nicki has kept parts of her personal life hidden from public view while having over 187 million Instagram followers. We conducted some digging and found out that she has a lot of secrets, including cosmetic procedures. Not to add her mugshots from 2003, which show her being arrested for weapon possession!

She revealed to E Online that she wasn’t always so flamboyant and fearless. “Before my debut record, I had a more natural appearance; only my most passionate underground admirers were aware of this aspect of me.” The ‘Super Bass’ lady boss is now recognized for her chart-topping tunes, out-of-this-world attire, colorful wigs, and twerking performances that have sparked controversy. Is she really shaking the gift her mother gave her, or are these the results of plastic surgery?

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Before and After Photos of Nicki Minaj’s Plastic Surgery

Nicki has come a long way since her humble beginnings in the Bronx. We’ve come to observe how she’s progressed from Red Lobster waiter to gorgeous Hip Hop legend in more ways than one. Here’s a timeline with images that demonstrates the dramatic changes she’s gone through since breaking out in 2009!

nicki minaj before and after

1. Work on the Nose (2009)

According to earlier images, Nicki has always had a pointed nose, but why does it appear thinner now? She attributes it to the contouring’s effectiveness! In a 2013 interview with Extra’s Renee Bargh, she addressed the challenges head-on.

“They’ll think you had nose surgery because of the contour, but if you watch ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ you’ll see how you can make your nose appear any shape you want.” When people see my makeup, they assume I’m doing odd things to my skin, but it’s simply makeup.”

2. Reconstruction of the teeth (2010)

When she premiered her Pink Friday album on the red carpet, she was more than delighted to show off her dazzling whites! In a feature for The Guardian, she was asked if her teeth were natural, and she clapped back, asking, “Are your teeth natural?” She’s most likely had veneers placed in her teeth to give her that megawatt grin!

3. Boob Job (2010–present)

Nicki’s b**bs have gotten bigger over time, prompting some to suspect she’s had many breast augmentation procedures. If you look at her recent images and videos, you’ll find that they all appear to defy gravity! Nicki hasn’t said anything publicly about it, but her provocative photographs speak for themselves.

nicki minaj before and after

4. Butt Implants (from 2010 to 2015)

Her assets are so large that they’ve resulted in a spate of wardrobe and costume mishaps! Her buttocks allegedly “exploded” on stage at one of her concerts, according to TMZ. What a disappointment!

Nicki hasn’t spoken about the implants since, but Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. David Feldmar shared his thoughts with Radar. “She appears to have undergone some sort of gluteal augmentation.” “She appears to have had fat injections or gluteal implants.”

5. Hip Reconstruction (2016)

Nicki’s 5’2′′ stature gives her the appearance of being diminutive, and her legs are proportionately slimmer than the rest of her body. She may have shifted fat to the sides of her hips to bolster her curvy body and balance out her proportions with the junk in her trunk!

6. Botox Is a Sort of Cosmetic Injectable that Is Used to Treat Wrinkles (2017 – 2019)

Nicki, who is now in her mid-thirties, doesn’t seem to have any wrinkles! Is there a terrific skincare routine that we’re not aware of that she’s using? Perhaps. Some speculate that Nicki had a filler facelift, which would explain her beautiful skin.

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An anonymous account with the handle @LittoThot called Nicki out after she posted about her father conducting medical procedures on the Barb. All of this sounds awful, but we have our doubts about her allegations. However, the questionable tweet did not stop Twitter users from obsessing over the matter. Examine the quote and come to your own conclusion!

nicki minaj before and after

Is It Better to Be Plastic or Fantastic?

Despite the reaction, she maintains her self-assurance, telling Extra, “I don’t mind the inquiries, I don’t mind the attraction… But, as I’ve previously stated, it isn’t who I am. As a result, I make an attempt not to focus my attention on it. It’s fine with me if you people focus your efforts and devote your time to it. My butt is being casually discussed in the barbershop. That is precisely what they will do. As long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj, I’m OK.”

She married Kenneth Perry after only a year of dating, and we’re thrilled she’s met someone who loves her for who she is on the inside and out!

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