Nicole From ’90 Days’ Says Mahmoud Wants Her To Live On ‘A Planet Of Only Women’ As The Pair Experiences Dramatic Fallout!

In the show ’90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way’, viewers saw a new addition to the show. She was none other than Nicole. Nicole is the newest joined on the show, and she moved to Egypt and got married to her now husband Mahmoud. But, their 11-month marriage didn’t last long and was not perfect.

After facing certain clashes between their cultures and having major differences in their opinions, Nicole left Egypt, leaving Mahmoud behind.

''90 Day's" Nicole Says Mahmoud Wanted Her to 'Live on a Planet of Only Women' amid Pair's Dramatic Fallout

On Sunday’s episode, the viewers of the show saw that Nicole was planning to move to Egypt. But, previously, Nicole wanted to get a divorce from Mahmoud as she couldn’t adapt to the restrictive norms of the place. But, she is trying to give the place and her marriage another chance and is moving back to Egypt. Although, she hasn’t substantially changed her opinion regarding how Mahmoud wants his wife to behave.

When interviewed, Nicole said: “Things started to fall apart. I mean, we fought all the time about everything. We were married for 11 months when I told Mahmoud that I wanted a divorce. I canceled Mahmoud’s visa application and I blocked him.”

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When Nicole was once exploring Egypt, she told her friends that is not actually getting separated from Mahmoud. This revelation by Nicole shocked her friends.

According to her friends, Nicole said: “He only wanted to be married to somebody that lives up to his standards of who a wife should be.” Nicole said that she felt she had to change everything about herself in order to become Mahmoud’s ideal wife.

''90 Day's" Nicole Says Mahmoud Wanted Her to 'Live on a Planet of Only Women' amid Pair's Dramatic Fallout

“I said yes to a bunch of things I shouldn’t have,” she added.

During her time in Egypt, Nicole felt that their was a new rule on every single thing, Egypt was filled with boundations, which restricted her lifestyle. She was also uncomfortable with the fact that their were different rules for men and women, women were not treated equal.

Talking about Mahmoud, she said  “He doesn’t really want me to be anywhere near men, he wants me to live on a planet of only women.”

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But, Nicole is ready to keep all these things aside as she wants to keep her relationship with Mahmoud at the top. She really misses Mahmoud and wants to give marriage another chance.

The two met in Egypt when Nicole was on a spiritual trip to Egypt and formed an instant connection. After spending some time together in Egypt, Nicole went back home. But, she came back to Egypt to marry him.