The Transformation of Nicole James Before and After Plastic Surgery

Nicole James, a newcomer to the Real Housewives of Orange County, is virtually unrecognizable in an old photograph. On social media, the picture gained popularity. After Nicole mysteriously left the show, this happened. She left for unexplained reasons, as previously revealed by TV Shows Ace.

Fans last saw Nicole on the episode that aired on Wednesday, January 19.
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She made her debut at the beginning of RHOC Season 16. Nicole apparently had her role on the show “demoted” to “Friend of the Housewives.” Fans couldn’t help but note how different she looked 20 years ago, despite the fact that she was open about some of her plastic surgery treatments on the show.

What Cosmetic Procedures Has Nicole James Had?

nicole james before plastic surgery

Prior to the first season of RHOC, Nicole had breast augmentation surgery when she was in her twenties. Terry Dubrow, Heather Dubrow’s husband, and a plastic surgeon performed the treatment.

Many viewers believe Nicole may have also undergone a facelift and nose job, albeit this is unverified. She has also been the subject of claims that she “looks nothing like she did in her Kid Rock days” and other rumors.

Shannon and Heather, Nicole’s co-stars, have commented on how different Nicole appears now compared to when she was younger, suggesting that she may possibly have received facial cosmetic surgery. These rumors have not been verified by her.

The possibility of a brow lift is also being discussed, but Nicole has never publicly admitted to receiving one. Her eyebrows indeed look to be higher than they formerly were as compared to her latest appearance on RHOC.

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Why Did Nicole Accuse Terry Dubrow of Wrongdoing?

nicole james before plastic surgery

Nicole sued Terry Dubrow years ago because she was dissatisfied with her breast augmentation procedure and, according to Starcasm, had a problem.

With tears in her eyes, the new employee told Terry that she had been forced to do so by management and attorneys and said she didn’t think he had done anything wrong. She decided to withdraw the lawsuit at the moment before it could proceed.

As seen on RHOC, Terry forgave Nicole for filing the case and assured her that everything will be well. Since that time, Nicole and Heather have grown close, and it seems the Dubrows get along well with her.

Nicole is reportedly no longer on the show and is no longer a full-time cast member because of the lawsuit.

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Nicole James: Prior to And Thereafter

nicole james before plastic surgery

In comparison to how she seems now, Nicole doesn’t look all that different on her Instagram page from 2013. She underwent breast augmentation surgery in her 20s, which is primarily to blame for this.

The 42-year-old woman may have deleted any older photos, including those on Facebook, or she may not have used social media before receiving breast augmentation.
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However, at Reality Titbit, we may have discovered images demonstrating just how different Nicole seemed prior to 2003.

However, based just on these images, it’s plausible that it’s not even the same individual.

To uncover these pictures, we sought a woman named “Nicole Weise,” who looks to have the same facial features as the RHOC star. At the time the photos were taken, she would have been 24 years old.

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Fights Between the Dubrow’s.

nicole james before plastic surgery

As previously revealed by RadarOnline, Nicole’s conflict with Heather was brought on by her criticism of Terry’s abilities as a plastic surgeon.

In October, a source informed the publication: “Heather recruited Nicole, although she only appeared on camera for a short while.

The fact that Nicole was dissatisfied with the breast augmentation Terry gave her many years ago is a major plot point that will be resolved (but is also the reason she is no longer a full-time cast member of the program).

They went on: “Shannon began revealing it to everyone but Heather as it began to circulate among the group.

“Cue the altercation between Shannon and Heather.”

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Shannon claims that renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Terry, the star of Ehit !’s series Botched, botched newbie Nicole’s boobs. Before going into the specifics of what Shannon mentioned regarding Dr. Terry and Nicole James, let’s take a look at how Shannon learned about Nicole and her affair with the newest cast member.

When Heather indicated that she would be bringing Nicole to a gathering she was holding, Shannon made it clear that she wasn’t known for being kind or friendly to new cast members.

Shannon, a former Tres Amiga, immediately connected the dots and remembered a woman she had known in the past when Heather told her about Nicole.