Nicole Jimeno Received Plastic Surgery at The Family Chantel: Before and After Images!

Nicole Jimeno Received Plastic Surgery at The Family Chantel: Before and After Images!

making alterations! Nicole Jimeno, who stars in The Family Chantel, is all about making cosmetic changes. The younger sister of Pedro Jimeno has been candid about her experiences having surgery even though she is presently outlining her journey to the Miss Universe Dominican Republic pageant. Discover all there is to know about Nicole Jimeno’s plastic surgery transformation by reading on.

Breast Implants Were Chosen by Nicole Jimeno

Despite her boyfriend at the time, Alejandro, disapproving, the Dominican Republic native from season 3 of The Family Chantel highlighted her road to breast implants.

She held up her arm and told the producers, “I’m incredibly thrilled about my surgery, it’s like my self-esteem is already here and it’s going to put it here. “I genuinely believe it will boost my self-confidence,” the speaker said.

Later in the season, Nicole showed her new physique, and she was overjoyed with the results. In an episode of 90 Day Bares All from October 2021, she said, “I am happy about my surgery.” The best idea I’ve ever had in my life was that I thought.

A New Smile Debut by Nicole Jimeno

Nicole Jimeno Received Plastic Surgery at The Family Chantel: Before and After Images!

She not only chose new curves but also flashed a brighter smile. “For three years, I wore braces. In the Dominican Republic, people are thought to be wealthy if they have braces, Nicole revealed in a confessional. They are, however, the most uncomfortable thing I have ever experienced.

In Season 4, Nicole Added Cheek Fillers

Nicole had previously competed in pageants, but her runway trainer, Stalin, was open about what he expected from his client.

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He told the producers in Spanish, “There are girls more attractive than her in this event. She must therefore put in a lot of effort because winning the competition is challenging. The winner here advances to Miss Universe.

The TLC alum showed her getting fillers in her cheeks before the tournament after having her breasts augmented.

She gave an explanation of her justifications for the treatment, saying, “Stalin advised me that I needed work done on my jaw for the pageant, photos, and aesthetic reasons.” “My chin is little, and I came out on top,” I said. “I want a chin injection.” Nicole definitely likes her new style, despite the fact that she did not win Miss Universe Dominican Republic.

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