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Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery Made Him Totally Look Puffy!

Nicole Kidman's Plastic Surgery

The Hollywood career of Nicole Kidman has been quite fascinating to watch. She has given her fans a lot to talk about over the years, from her Oscar-winning performances to her brief marriage to Tom Cruise and a missed date with Jimmy Fallon.

The 54-year-old actress is still making headlines, notably for her portrayal of Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos and for the fact that she has aged so well.

She has played a wide range of roles over the past decade, but she has avoided the Hollywood stereotypes that tend to be applied to women of her age.

Fans and plastic surgeons alike want to know if the Eyes Wide Shut actress had any work done to her face. Here is the truth about how she has changed over time.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman has always denied rumors she had cosmetic surgery. “To tell the truth, I haven’t changed a bit over the years. My face is clear of any obstructions, “the woman declared.

“No operations for me, though I did try Botox and have since recovered some facial mobility. I am pleased to report that I regularly use sunscreen, never light up, and otherwise take good care of myself.”

Fans who want to age gracefully like Kidman but lack the discipline to engage in regular physical activity may want to heed Jane Fonda’s advice.

The Barbarella actress has admitted to undergoing a full facelift when she was in her 40s, a second facelift when she was in her 70s, a chin lift, and eye surgery to get rid of her eyebags, but she ranks exercise as her number one beauty secret.

Also, what’s the secret to her effortless beauty? She doesn’t like changing the features of her face that make her uniquely her.

She explained, “I made sure they didn’t change my lines.” “To be honest, I didn’t care about eliminating fine lines and wrinkles so much as getting rid of the puffiness under my eyes.

It bothers me when people go too far with their plastic surgery, but fortunately, we now live in an era when, with enough money, anyone can visit a skilled surgeon and achieve natural-looking results.”

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Plastic Surgeons Weigh in On Nicole Kidman’s Transformation

Throughout the years, critics have remarked on Kidman’s supposedly inability to convey emotion through her face. Dr. Samir Pancholi, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, claims that Botox and fillers may be responsible for Kidman’s “stiff” face and youthful appearance.

“As a result of her genetics, Nicole has prominent cheekbones. However, they’re not as toned and chiselled as they once were “As Pancholi explained to The List.

“Regular injections of the neurotoxin Botox can cause facial muscle relaxation over time, which may explain this effect. Her midface is noticeably fuller than it used to be, which may be the result of filler, and her skin is incredibly soft and supple.”

Dr. Pancholi also highlighted some areas in which Aquaman’s leading man might have gone overboard.

In his opinion, Nicole’s brow has drooped slightly because she received “maybe a touch too much Botox in her brow.” “Photos, however, may give the impression that she is even taller than she actually is because of the way she typically poses with her head tilted downward.

In my opinion, Nicole’s natural beauty for her age is a result of her healthy lifestyle choices, including her diet, exercise, and use of sunscreen and other skincare products.”

Therefore, we estimate that self-care accounts for 80% of the total. Kidman, after all, adheres to the 80/20 rule, eating mostly healthy foods in moderation.

Her family has a history of half-marathon participation. She routinely engages in a wide variety of physical activities, including running, swimming, spinning classes, tennis matches, vinyasa or ashtanga yoga, and bike rides with her children.

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Plastic surgeons Dr. Manish Shah and Dr. Matthew Schulman, both of whom are board certified, are adamant that Kidman has had work done.

Dr. Shah, who has not treated the actress, told Life & Style that “if I had to guess on a possible procedure, it looks like she has had a mini-facelift.” “Her neck is toned, and the muscles of her jawline are clearly defined.

A shadow and crease in front of her ear also give her away as a surgical patient.” Both the Bombshell star’s brows and upper eyelids caught Dr. Schulman’s attention as having changed.

The New York City doctor who examined her said, “She also looks like she’s had a temporal brow lift because the tail of her eyebrow looks lifted and her upper eyelid area is more hollow appearing.”

“Nicole’s skin has always been flawless, which could be the result of good genetics or the occasional use of chemical peels or lasers in her skincare routine.”

Having a regular maintenance schedule is crucial. Kidman’s routine for her dry, sensitive skin is simple.

She uses a vitamin C serum, a La Mer Crème moisturizer, a Sera Labs Seratopical Day & Night Brilliance Cream with CBD, a Sera Labs Seratopical Love Your Eyes Anti-Aging Serum with CBD, and a Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50. Gratitude is not required.

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Personal Life and Relationships

After meeting on the set of a Tom Cruise film, Kidman wed Cruise in 1990. The couple divorced in 2001 after adopting two children together.

Kidman first met Australian country music star Keith Urban in 2005 at an event for Aussies in Los Angeles. They tied the knot in 2006, and in 2008 they welcomed a daughter named Sunday Rose.

In 2010, they became the proud parents of a second little girl. Their four homes are in Sydney, Sutton Forest (New South Wales, Australia), Los Angeles, and Nashville.

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