Nina Lin: Did She Kill Bunny? The “Only Murders in The Building” Theory Is Motivated by Truth!

Nina Lin: Did She Kill Bunny? The “Only Murders In The Building” Theory Is Motivated by Truth

Only a few episodes into Only Murders in the Building season 2, the podcast detectives have identified a leading suspect: Nina Lin is a resident of the Arconia who is pregnant and has enormous aspirations for the future of the building.

Has the murder already been solved? The new president allegedly killed the previous one. The political nature of Only Murders In The Building surprised me.

Though it’s indicated that she was present throughout season 1, Nina Lin, played by Christine Ko, is a new character in season 2. As Arconia’s board president, she takes over for Bunny. In the third episode, we find out that Nina and Bunny used their regular strolls to discuss the building’s unique idiosyncrasies and prepare for the change of power as smoothly as possible. On Bunny’s last day as board president—and on her last day of life—a new disagreement erupted, we also learned. Here is what we do know, then.

Here’s Why It Could Have Been Nina Lin

Nina’s desire to modernize the structure and put her ideas into action was directly opposed by Bunny’s determination to live in the Arconia full-time, refrain from purchasing a home in Boca Raton, and continue serving as board president. That is a genuine reason! Nina also threatened her!

In the third episode, we witnessed Bunny’s response to the killer’s shadowy form as she opened the door. Since she was displeased to see them, it was obvious who it was that day.

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Nina Lin meets the criteria.

It’s clear that Nina is up to no good in Howard’s eyes.

Here’s Why It May Not Have Been Nina Lin

The killer should not yet be revealed on the broadcast, and the reason is a bit too clear-cut. It is a red herring throughout. What if Howard is promoting this theory since HE IS the murderer?

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Why would Nina Lin have murdered Bunny with Mabel’s knitting needles, left her there, and taken the father-of-Charles artwork in order to frame the Only Murders team?

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We don’t have any proof that she tunes in to the podcast or is friends with the hosts. The building will benefit from the podcast’s attention, but it will not benefit from an increasing body count.

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Bunny’s presence in Mabel’s residence remains a mystery.

The reason behind her final, “savage,” remark to Mabel is not explained.

How does the painting look?

Okay, so it’s currently difficult to determine with certainty whether Nina is the murderer or not.

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Yet only time shall tell! (I’m still betting that she’s a red herring.)

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