No Demo Reno Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

No Demo Reno Season 2

Was season 2 of No Demo Reno canceled or renewed? When will it premiere on HGTV? Season 1 is now complete, and fans are wondering if the program will be renewed for a second season. We’ve summed up everything we know about the upcoming season in this post.

What Is a No-Demo Reno?

Jenn Todryk, a home restoration expert and social media creator with more than 700K Instagram followers who adore her witty and incredibly realistic take on parenthood as well as her practical advice on home design, fashion, and beauty, stars in the new HGTV series No Demo Reno.

Jenn debunks the myth that substantial demolition is usually required to achieve whole-house changes in this 10-episode series. She creates gorgeous home makeovers for clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by combining innovative design solutions with cost-saving strategies – often without tearing down walls or undertaking large-scale demolition.

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The second episode of No Demo Reno will be available to stream on discovery+ on March 25, 2022, as a special peek in addition to broadcasting on HGTV. Every Thursday, new episodes will be released early on Discovery+.

Jenn and her team save families time, money, and stress by working within the existing footprint of the property, demonstrating that an ideal home does not require a major renovation.

Jenn’s distinct design approach is highlighted in each episode, which includes her attention on organization and practical functionality, as well as her cost-effective techniques such as repurposing existing materials in the home for new projects.

“It takes time and money to change a house’s floorplan,” Jenn explained. “It adds up quickly, and you don’t always need it.” You can fall in love with your home all over again without the effort and money that comes with a complete renovation.”

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Jenn kicks off the season by delivering life-changing renovations to two families with small children. Both clients want to make improvements to their homes but are unable to perceive the possibilities.

Jenn modifies the kitchens, baths, and living areas of the homes to give them both modern, efficient places while retaining the same floorplan. As the season progresses, she transforms increasingly run-down homes with innovative renovations that include reclaimed wood beams and mantles, spa-like baths, and built-in storage.

“I want to offer my clients a million-dollar reveal without having to do any substantial teardown,” Jenn explained. “My favorite aspect of this profession is showing individuals the possibilities in their existing homes.” Things they never imagined could exist was present the entire time.”

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Fans can keep up with No Demo Reno by visiting HGTV and following HGTV and #NoDemoReno2 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for beautiful before and after photo galleries and show updates. Jenn can also be found on Instagram as @theramblingredhead. Beginning March 25 at 8 p.m., new episodes of No Demo Reno will be available on HGTV GO on the same day as the linear premieres.


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In the United States, the final episode of the series was published on May 27, 2021.

Is “No Demo Reno” set to return? We got the information from our internal sources that the season of No Demo Reno 2 will be on air on March 25, 2022?

There will be no demonstration. We’re still waiting for an official update on the show’s status. Once we obtain more information, we will update this status. Till then stay connected!