Look Back to Noah Cyrus’ Rumored Romances to See Who She’s Dated in the Music Industry

Noah Cyrus Who's she dating

Famous people have been the love interests of Noah Cyrus during her dating life.

Because the singer is a member of one of Hollywood’s most well-known families, her personal life is no secret to her admirers. Several musicians have been associated to Noah romantically throughout the years, but who has she truly dated?

Smokepurpp, whose true name is Omar Pineiro, was linked to the “Make Me” singer throughout most of 2020, according to rumors. In July of that year, the company went public for the first time.

Fans assumed that the couple had broken up after Noah shared a now-deleted Instagram video of her crying in September 2020. I should be smiling because I know we didn’t get along,” she wrote in the video caption.

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Smokepurpp’s alleged hookup with Nashville resident Lil Xan made headlines earlier this year. The two had a brief flirtation on the MTV VMAs red carpet in August of that year, where they showed off their PDA.

noah cyrus dating

I can’t get enough of his adorable little face and smile. At the Billboard Music Awards, Noah gushed over the “Betrayed” singer, who “treats me like a princess and buys me chicken nuggets when I’m hungry,” as he chatted with the publication. Every five seconds, he tells me that I’m lovely, and he’s the loveliest person I’ve ever met.”

After a short time, the couple decided to call it quits, and things got rather messy. Neither of these ex-lovers admitted to having an affair, but they both claimed the other was cheating on them via Instagram.

In the end, it’s all about love and good. That’s all I have to say: I’m perplexed. Everyone, I suppose, was taken aback by the news. After their public divorce, Noah told Entertainment Tonight that “there’s no point in drama, frankly, just because I have a tour, EP, [and] a collaboration with PIZZASLIME,” he said in September 2018.

noah cyrus with bf

“Having a boyfriend isn’t really necessary right now, because I need to focus on myself. When it all came crashing down around me, I realized how true that was. For all the women out there… except your dads!” You don’t need a man to be happy. “Dads are the best!”

There were reports of a reconciliation between Noah and Lil Xan back in April 2020 when we obtained images of them together.

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Drayton Tanner

noah cyrus bf drayton

They were dating in 2017 when they went to the VMAs together. After showing off their matching tattoos on Instagram in June, she was romantically linked to rapper Lil Xan less than a month later.

Lil Xan

noah cyrus with lil xan

Once relationship rumors started flying, Noah and Lil Xan showed up to the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards to make their red carpet debut together. When the rapper asked her out, she replied, “I’d like to get to know you.”

We started hanging out, and we had just such nice vibes,” Lil Xan said in August 2018 when he appeared on Access. In spite of the fact that I was apprehensive, I decided to go for it.

The couple broke up in September 2018 after rumours of infidelity and relationship problems surfaced. In 2020, they looked to be friends again, but their romance never progressed any further.

DJ Diablo

noah cyrus with dj diablo

DJ Diablo, whose true name is Sebastian Baldeon, published an Instagram photo of him and Noah kissing in October 2019. The photo has since been deleted. Rumors of a romance between the two never materialized, and the couple’s involvement was forgotten.

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Machine Gun Kelly

At a Grammy Awards afterparty in January 2020, rumours began to circulate that Noah and Machine Gun Kelly were dating. “They are holding hands and posing for photos together,” a witness told E! News. They stayed close to each other the entire time they were at the party, walking around hand in hand. “It appeared that they were in a relationship.” What happened between them remains a mystery, but the rapper has now gone on.


noah cyrus smokepurpp

Throughout the year 2020, Noah and Smokepurpp fueled romance rumors, which they later verified on social media in July of that year. In September of the same year, Noah alluded to their breakup in a different social media post, but she never confirmed it.

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